Friday, March 5, 2010

It may not be Aruba but...

the Edgefield was awesome!

We stayed in the Ringo Starr Room

Here is the view from our window.

The place is amazing. Filled with interesting artwork, 11 restaurants & bars, golf course, movie theater, brewery, distillery, glass blowing, clay making, gardens, soaking pool & spa.
I am sure I am leaving something out but they really do have something for everyone.

You can see art where ever you go, on doorways, light fixtures, fuse boxes,
you name it and they have slapped some crazy paint job on it.

Here are some of the grounds:

We loved the soaking pool, so warm & relaxing.

Looks like spring has arrived!

What a nice little get-a-way for the two of us. We went wine tasting, had nice meals, played games, wandered the grounds, went swimming, played pool & just soaked in each others company. It is really nice to spend time alone & it is even nicer to know Ava is being well taken care of while we are gone. She had a "date night" with grandma, they went to the park, went swimming together & jumped on the trampoline.

We are already plotting our next Edgefield adventure,
maybe with couples next time?
Who's in?


My Life As Mom said...

Sounds LOVELY! Beautiful place, that's for sure!

guzzi guy said...

Very nice! Sounds like a wonderful time. We would be interested some time.

Tracy said...

Us, us!!! Mike and I wanna go (: I love all the art work at all the McMenamins, I wish I could get some jobs doing that!

Sarah said...

Lets do it!

anne said...

Looks like a beautiful and romantic place...perfect for your anniversary! Congratulations!