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The Graduate.

On Friday we took a family road trip up to Canada to watch my brother Jeff graduate.  It was super fun!  There were 6 of us in the car, of which everyone but the driver was playing a game of Ticket to Ride together on our phones.  We must of played 40 games between the drive there & back!  We were all so happy to come be with Jeff & watch this HUGE milestone in his life.  We didn't end up getting to see him Friday night but we had a nice family dinner in his honor at a place called Earl's, we had great food and laughed the whole time. 

Jeff's grandparents drove up as well, even though it didn't look promising that they were going to get tickets, but it's good they came, it all worked out! Jeff getting his diploma
& Fernanda getting hers : )
Chris & D'Auna
Jeff's 2 best friends came to support him too.
After the graduation we went out to lunch to celebrate at The Cactus Club, it was great! The two graduates & the cutest couple.

John &…

Come Fall...

Hi, my name is Norah & I am TWO.  For some reason I just love this picture, I suppose it's cause I'm mean.  : )

We took Ava to Kindergarten roundup the other day.  She will be starting this fall, our little baby is growing up!!  I think she's a little nervous about the change, worrying about missing her current teacher, whom we love, and all her friends, but I know she will do great! These kids are growing up so darn fast!
I'm excited to have the Summer off for Ava so we can soak up a little more time together before all the real-school madness begins. 
Love these girls.