Friday, November 30, 2012

This time last year...

I'm excited for this weekend.  

We are having a little "Fried Turkey Party"
over at Erik's Friday night and then Saturday
we are getting our tree.  

Christmas is going to be extra fun this year. 
Both girls are already so excited. 

It's great that Norah is older & can enjoy it more.
 Here she is this time last year, just a baby, 
about 11 months old.
 Oh her littleness...
 The two, with Santa.
 Ava & Daddy, funny she doesn't really look much 
different to me at all, just a little taller.
 Good girl, we try to keep them from growing up 
too fast!
She's so cute, but had I not known this was taken
last December I would of thought these were all 
current photos.  
It's much easier to judge the age with little Norah in 
the picture.  

Can't wait to see their happy little faces Saturday night! 

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ava's BETTER!!

 Yes.  She is back to herself.  
9 days of fever later.
I finally broke down and went back to the doctor.
I never want to go, they seriously do NOTHING.
But this time, since she had been sick for so 
long, they hooked her up with some drugs.

 I'm so thankful.
 It's great having HER back.  She even gets
to do a make up day at school tomorrow!
And yes, there seem to be pictures again, for now.

I may of found a loop hole, not sure yet, but so far,
so good.  : )

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No more PHOTOS??

Um.  Well.  I just edited some photos to share,
as I do, and the good old blog says I've reached
my limit?  I can't add any more photos without
paying money??  

What the heck?

I'm so NOT happy.  Had I saw this coming,
at all, I would of reduced the size of my photos
every time.  I would of maybe not put 50 in a post.
I just wish they would of given me some warning.

Maybe there was some fine print I skimmed right
over.  Ugh.  

John suggests I go back and delete photos?

Or start a new blog?  

I don't know, those options just make me even 
more mad.  

Any suggestions?

What would this blog be without all the millions
of photos of my kids?  

Would I have to type more???  : ) 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SNOW much fun!

 More fun in the snow, the whole family 
gets in on it!
 These girls hung out in the sled FOREVER!
 They got pulled all over the place and mostly
just looked really serious about the whole 
thing, but weren't getting out of that sled for 
anything!  They loved it!

 Ava loved playing out in the snow.  I didn't 
want her to miss anything just because she 
was sick.

 I have memories as a kid being sick and watching
the other kids outside sledding, not this girl, she
had so much fun!

 Snow WOMAN.

 Everyone got in a big snow ball fight.

So much fun!!!