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They are pretty sweet.

Before and After

Here is a fun look back at our yard nearly 10 years ago.  The grass may have been slightly greener at that time of year but there really wasn't much to see.  It was very bare.

But then enter John, he has totally transformed our yard into the wonderful little oasis it is today.  We love it back there.

 Love, love, love it!!  He works so hard to make a nice space for us all to enjoy. 
Flowers every where, while these two have simply been growing like weeds. : )

Jamison Square

We hosted a little church playdate at Jamison Square last week.  We were so thrilled with the turn out.  So many wonderful ladies came to join us.  It was great!

 We never wanted to leave!  What a perfect day in the sun.  We even ended the whole adventure with ice cream!  : )

Baby Birds

We were all excited to discover that we had a nest with 4 eggs in it, right by our front door, it one of our hanging baskets.  They have since hatched and we have a front window seat to all the baby bird, momma feeding action, it is pretty cool! 

They aren't very cute yet, but they have grown a lot more feathers since this round of photos last week, getting cuter every day....

Water Fun

We had a great time playing with Georgia at the fountains in Wilsonville.  Love it there, it was our first time, we will be back.

Love our sweet friends!