Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celia & Karli

John's sister Celia and her daughter Karli came for a quick visit Saturday night.

They were in town taking a tour of Oregon State and University of Oregon campuses to see if one might be "The One" for Karli, she is a senior this year so the time is a coming.

Ava really enjoyed entertaining them with her usual crazy antics.

Until she started running low on steam and needed to go to bed.

We had a really nice time chatting with them about Karli's future.

Karli is growing into such a beautiful young woman.

I bet she is about to embark on the time of her life!

We wish you the best in all your adventures to come Karli!

I don't envy you Celia, I am already having a hard enough time with the thought of Ava going off to Kindergarten.