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Such a fun Thanksgiving filled with family, great food and fun!  So nice to see Ava looking all healthy!  I haven't done my post on her being sick, but that is coming.   Love this one.  Jan & Jay stopped by for a minute, so nice to see them!  We were thrilled to have Barby & Bob join us as well.  John & Judy  D'Auna & Chris (and Emmalynn) (not sure if I spelled that right?)  Best family photo : )  Abby & Ava  Linda & Kim  Love Norie's little lip in this one.    Alayah looks so angelic!   Selfie fun!  So tricky!
 There, just hand the camera to someone else, much better.  Linda and her girls.  Jan singing our blessing for us.
 Could she be cuter?  Always making us laugh.  Abby & Claire  Chris & Jessica

Beachy Fun

Here's a *few* pictures from our last beach trip.  It was a really fun quick over-nighter with a few friends.  I won't name any names cause half of them ended up in their underwear.  It wasn't really that warm at all, crazy kids!