Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Few Addictions

Linda & my mom came over for a pizza-making party, drinks and of course a little Ticket to Ride action. Linda first played Human Jungle Gym with Ava. This is their thing.

Ava has come to expect it. Whenever she sees Linda she asks,
"You come play in my room??"

Linda has always been fabulous with kids, I myself as a child enjoyed the benefits of her antics. She hasn't really gotten into the Donald Duck voice yet but I am sure it is coming...

Ava LOVES Ticket to Ride. She jumps up and down with joy,
literally, whenever we break it out.

She likes to deal out the color cards for us, she is quite impressive,
never getting a color or number of cards wrong.

She also likes to make up her own games with the spare cards. Her favorite is playing mail box with them filling all the EMPTY wine slots on our rack.

She could only hang for so long before it was off to bed.

The games went on until 2:30 in the morning, one after another.

We are addicted.

Something funny happened at one point in the game. John gave into his weakness and grabbed a bag of our favorite chips.

They are Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili flavor:

Everyone just kept playing while John happily munched on The Best Chips Ever.

I thought it really strange that no one was eying them or digging in. Then after several minutes John looks up from his bag of deliciousness and says "Does anyone want one of these? They are REALLY good."

"Oh I guess I will try them" they both politely nodded.

LOVE, I saw it take over them. They took their little piles of chips and happily gobbled them down. They asked for just a few more. Then they said to put them away as they licked their fingers.

Just as I expected they then begged us to get them right back out.

This is why I HATE Doritos. They are just too good.


My Life As Mom said...

That is so cute! AND impressive! What a big girl!