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This is currently my favorite picture of the girls.  : )

Sisters that love each other are the very best blessing.  If they have half the relationship that Jessica and I do when they grow up they will be all set!  I have high hopes, they've always been pretty smitten with each other.  What a gift! : )

The Nutcracker

Ava & Auntie Jessica attended the Nutcracker together a few years back in 2012, Ava was almost 5 at the time, and although she enjoyed it, she may have been a little young.   Here they are 2 years ago, before the show.   This year Ava was super excited to be invited to attend again with Auntie. She has been really into ballet lately.  It's kind of her thing...  Here are the beautiful girls before the show this year.  Norah had to get in on this action too, if only for a photo. 
 They are so adorable together.  Twinsies.  I love te-te.  She's growing up so fast!! Norah was excited to stay home and play with daddy.  They had a great time together, he is so sweet.  Jessica sent me this from the show.  
Ava had a blast!
Thank you Auntie Jessica, you're the very best!!

ICU: I honestly didn't see you coming...

The Friday before Thanksgiving I took Ava into the doctors office.  She had been having a dry cough all week and then started in on a runny nose and such.  She seemed to be struggling to breath in the middle of the night but seemed pretty good once she got up.  
I'm always a little on the fence with taking my kids to the doctor since usually they can't do much for them.  Before I called the office I said a little prayer and asked the Lord to make it clear to me what I needed to do to best take care of Ava.    I started my advice nurse call with "Ava's breathing has been very labored" and she stopped me right there and said, "We don't mess around with breathing issues, we need to see her right away."  Thanks Lord!  There was my very clear message.  : )    I took her in and wasn't too concerned, she seemed relatively fine.  Sick yes, and some asthma issues yes, but nothing too crazy.  
Boy how I underestimated that one.
First thing they did was ch…