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Happy, happy.

I'm so thankful as we cross into vacation land, my wonderful husband gets to get a break, and we all get to spend tons of time with many of our favorite people.  It's going to be great!  Here's our little cowgirl, at least for today.

 I can just picture looking back on this photo years from now, studying the things in the background, the toys they played with, their sweet little room, a tiny touch of how messy they can be... : )
 A picnic, they love those.  It's not always super conducive to eating.  Love her face.  Crazy kids.  They both got up and walked away when they decided it was no longer working out. The blanket it tiny, not much room for a wiggly Norah and her nearly six year old sister.  Norah & Bayli chillin.
Bayli and I had a great day, she did my Shred video with me as well as hot yoga in the evening.  She did so great!  We also got a ton of things knocked off my to-do list today, got to love that! Nor wearing Bay's belt, she was so proud.  

Our weekend in photos...

Just a *few* from the phone.  : )  Here's our happy little Sunday School girl.   Auntie Love.  And Ava, with her dog Rosie.  My girl.  Sequence Fun!
 Waiting for her turn.  Duck, Duck, GOOSE.  They need more players.  Norah found her dog...again!  Why oh why is her favorite toy so small AND their favorite thing to hide??!  Movie night at Ava's school.  Monsters University.  I shall re-vow not to take Norah next time.  She only cares about the movie for about 20 minutes.  The rest of the show?? PAINFUL.  Play date at Sophia's, dress up heaven.  Baby it's COLD outside!!  Burrrr.  Mixing.  We are very excited about all the fun things to come this week, yay!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

Happy Weekend!

I just found this photo on my camera from the beach last weekend, it cracks me up.  In this moment Linda & Mom are playing with this elaborate marble maze they built on the stairs, having a great time.  And here are the kids, in the same moment.  They both wandered off and ended up playing with the tablets.   Um kids??  NO.  At least the adults are having real fun!   (The kids had a blast with the marble tower too!) I love how Norah posed for me : )  This girl, she cracks me up!! We are looking forward to a fun family movie night tonight at Ava's school.  We invited our friends Haley & Jasmine too so their parents could have a much deserved date night.  We get to see Monsters University, it should be fun!  Hopefully Norah will do better than last time, she wouldn't sit still so I vowed not to take her to the next movie night.  Hummm I wonder if I will regret going back on that one.  Only time will tell.  : )
Happy weekend!  

One week away...

I've got no time for photos, I'm too busy obsessively planning & pinning recipes for Thanksgiving.  It's only a week away!!  I can't wait!   I love this time of year!! 
My goal for this year?  Make the dishes I cook as healthy and delicious as possible, without making all the die-hard traditionalists roll their eyes and scoff.  
Good luck with that.  : )
I'm just kidding, my family does a great job cooking that way regardless, so it shouldn't be a problem. 
I'm also hoping to make it a great meal for my mom who has all kinds of food restrictions.  I love the challenge, it makes it that much more fun to have to think outside the box.    I'm so thankful for our wonderful family, we've made a tradition out of spending several days together over the holiday and it is something I look forward to so very much!! 
Now if only I could get it to snow....  
: )

Great weekend...

I know I've been a little MIA this week, the girls and I have been at the beach since Friday.  For some reason I never get around to blogging when I am there, I guess I'm just too busy having fun.  I barely took any pictures either, strange, I know. 
The goal of the weekend was to spend some time with Will, Jessica's new boyfriend.  Mom & Linda both hadn't met him yet and we are about to go away together for Thanksgiving and it seemed like we should all get to know him better before that. 
 Will came over for dinner a few weeks ago and we didn't really hit it off, I wasn't so sure about him and I guess the feeling was mutual.  But this time, it was totally different.   I really enjoyed hanging out with him & we all had a great time!  It's really nice to see Jessica happy.  They are cute together. It was, as always, great to hang out with Linda & mom too!  So fun!  Jessica called me today and said that Will really enjoyed hanging out with the…

Friday FUNNY.

So Ava drew this giraffe.  
She brought it to me in a stack of other drawings, much of them similar to ones I'd seen before.  I sent her into John's office to show him her artwork.  I didn't hear him respond at all, so I called out from the kids room, "Did you see the giraffe?  I love that one!"  (It's not that I thought it was some masterpiece, I was just happy to see her drawing something new)  John comes into the girls room holding Ava's drawing sideways and says....

 "So mommy LOVES the giraffe huh??"
Um yeah, we will be saving this one to give back to her at her wedding shower or some event where she will be able to appreciate the humor in it. 
She says "Daddy says you should post this on Facebook!"  Then later asked if I did, I told her it had become quite popular on there.  : )


I'm trying to remember to take more videos of these kiddos! I love this one.  It's so them.

Love these sweet girls, I hope I always remember them at this age.  I really need to take more videos! : )

How to get invited to a wedding...

Ever want an invite to a wedding but you know there is no way your going to make the cut?  The bride and groom can only invite a very small group of people, so what's a girl to do??   Cater it!  Yes, why not??!  You may be thinking...
Oh but I didn't know you catered weddings Sarah?  Well I'm not going to let a little detail like that stop me!!  So yeah, I'm catering a wedding on Tuesday.   Tuesday seems odd I know, but the date is 11-12-13 and I also hear getting married on a Tuesday is supposed to be very lucky! Anyhow, I'm super excited.  I've been very busy running around, planning, shopping, and preparing things.  Tomorrow I will go to set up the last minute details.  Yay!  I can't wait!  This has been so fun!  I could totally see going into business doing something like this, I really love it.  That or a personal shopper.  That's my dream job.  I love to shop outside of the cost of it, but to MAKE MONEY doing it?  Well that would be amazing! T…