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Seattle, Part 3, this is it.

So many photos, ready for an overload?  
This trip was just so special to us, I can't delete any more, or NOT share them all for that matter!  Love all these group shots!!  So perfect.
 Norah had so much fun playing with the dogs.
 She always talks about how dogs love to lick her face, I guess she wanted in on that action...
 Auntie C, so much fun celebrating her birthday! 

 Beautiful couple.  I adore this picture.  Barbie bringing over Celia's cake.  Make a wish!  My little sweeties. They cherish these moments with our family.  It makes my heart happy that we are taking the time to create them.

 You knew this girl was going right for that piano.  If it wasn't so late right now I'd dig up the photos of the last time we were there.  She LOVES playing the piano, it's pretty cute...until it's not. : )