Sunday, March 14, 2010

62 reasons I hate myself right now.

I was gearing up to write a post about Ava. It was going to be kind of sappy.

The last two days I have been just watching her and thinking about how lucky we are. She is SUCH a good girl. She has a really kind heart, she is hilarious, smart, loving, patient, great with other kids and just over-all remarkable. I can't get enough of her. Who ever said 2 was a bad age was crazy. This is the best age. I am not saying she doesn't have her moments, especially since naps are now a thing of the past, but she is pretty much just plain wonderful. I feel so lucky to have this perfect little person be our daughter...

Over the last 2 days I have taken over 400 pictures.

John's Parents are here visiting and we have been having an absolutely wonderful time. We always do when they are here. I have been inseparable from my camera & I haven't missed one good shot during the whole trip so far. I thought I better take some time out to edit said photos because anything over 400 and my head might explode! After going through each shot and cropping, adjusting the exposure, fixing red eye I ended up with 62 pictures I was really happy with. There were at least 12 shots I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. I was so excited to post them and then....


If I ever stop crying I will let you know & I wish I was kidding....

2 days. 2 days. 2 days.

I have to keep telling myself that. It could be so much worse.

Why is it Ava just happened to be cuter then she ever has been before in the last two days???

She better be super photogenic tomorrow or I may never forgive her.


My Life As Mom said...

Oh hun, it could be so much worse! I don't know if you read Sarah's post on Becoming Sarah but she had her cat spill water on her laptop and she lost all the baby pictures of Charlotte for the first couple (4?) months of life. YOUCH! Just try and take a breath and start over, I'm sure you'll get some great ones to replace them.

Sarah said...

I do follow Sarah but only started a few months ago so I didn't know that. Oh my that would be the worst thing ever!!! We have like 4 sets of back up disks of at least the first 23 months so there is that :) I got some good photos this morning and I gotta go to go get some more before I head out to work, thank you for the perspective!

Rhi said...