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Almost there...

I started this blog just after Ava turned 2.
And Norah is almost 2, so you know  what THAT means right???
Pretty soon I will be able to post things like this: Norie (2 days ago) Ava (just about 20 days older then Norah now) Norah.
Clearly I can't wait!!   So fun!

Little Sickies.

Both girls have been sick this week.
On Monday I set up a play date for Ava and she didn't end up getting out of bed  until 11:40, about 10 minutes before her  friend arrived.   She played for about a half hour then just  stopped.  She wanted me to hold her, she  wanted to lay down, it was so weird.  I  grabbed the thermometer and took her  temperature, it was totally normal.   Now Norah doesn't like to be left out of  these fun things like getting a thermometer in your ear, so she insisted I take hers temp  too, she was 102!!  So didn't see that coming.  Ava developed a fever shortly there after and  now they've both just been laying low.  They  both also have a cough but no other symptoms..
 Funny thing is they have been totally  happy & quite delightful for little sickies!  I'm impressed!  Love these girls.
Please pray they get well soon though, we've got  a big party for our almost 2 year old on  Saturday & we don't want to have to celebrate wit…

Our Life.

I saw a picture today of a family, the parents were holding a sign with  their 3 kids in the background, the sign read "This is Our Happily Ever After"
That really hit home for me.
THIS really is my "happily ever after", I have everything I've ever wanted & so very much more.
I live a life that is overflowing with gratitude, every direction I look, weather it be to  my husband, our children, our extended  family, this home we have created, my dear friends, our health, we are just so crazy blessed!

I really hope you all feel the exact same way about your life, we are so lucky to be HERE, living in this beautiful world, surrounded by  each other.  : )

Our Weekend.

Not a lot going on over here through the weekend but it was great none the less.  (She dresses herself now, be afraid.)
Good thing she's adorable!  Here's Norah "Playing cycles with Daddy" Friday the girls & I had lunch downtown with Jessica & then she took Ava for the night. Jessica spoils Ava so much!  She took her to the Phineas & Ferb Live show, then out to dinner at Red Robin (her favorite!) followed by lots of playing & moving watching and  even out for waffles the next day!  So fun!  One of these days she's gonna have to take  this girl too!  (I can't wait!!)  : )  We got lots of cleaning & organizing done  while Ava was gone & enjoyed a sort-of-date night once Norie went to bed.  We saw  Pitch Perfect, if you haven't seen it yet, you  should, great movie!!  We had Erik & Tiffani over for dinner  after going to Out of this World to play on Saturday.  It was nice having a night of  Pinochle & wine, we haven't do…


125.   Goal reached.  : )  And one with each kid cause you know I just can't leave them out.  : ) Have a great weekend!!

Don't mind me...

These girls.

 Ugh, she's just too cute. PLEASE STOP GROWING. Thanks.
 HELP!!  How sweet are they?  Seriously?
Sorry, okay, I'm done now. 
But really?  Do you blame me??

More Beach Fun

The best thing about going to the beach  is hanging out with whomever comes to  play with us.  (Norah is still just as messy as ever with her yogurt!)  This trip was great because it started with our little family, then Mom & John came and we had a nice evening with them, then Chris, D'Auna &  Alayah came to play, and finally Linda spent the last  few days with us. 
 Each part was great!

 The weather was absolutely perfect!!
 The kids had such a great time!
 My girls can't get enough of Alayah.  I love their love for each other.
 Linda is the very best.  She plays with these kids non-stop. Her patience & love for them is beyond impressive.  It takes me back to when I  was a kid, so cool that they get to experience how awesome she is too!

Look at this amazing contraption Linda
built for the kids!  
You roll a marble down and try to get it
to launch into the last shoot, so fun!