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Advice Please.

I need a new camera. Not because I don't LOVE my camera but John needs a new one and it only makes sense to give him the old one for work and "upgrade" the one that takes pictures of our favorite subject, Ava. (It is all scratched up & there is a permanent dark circle on the screen from dropping it several times)

The camera I usually use is this: Canon PowerShot SD870

We picked up another Canon PowerShot at Costco recently (I can't remember which one) and had no luck with it, took it back. Really it is very similar to this new one I got yesterday.

These photos were all taken with the Canon PowerShot SD1300

Some of the pictures are good, some suck, but overall they seem too dark.
What do you think?

We had a play date today. Another great photo opportunity for one who things
everything is a great photo opportunity.

This is Amelie.
Notice the photo is kind of dark.

Here is Lily, and then Ava, both totally blurry but hardly moving.

The next attempt is better but I am …

Two of our favorite people...

Auntie Jessica

...and Grandma Julie

They laugh, sing and play together.

Until they totally wear her out.
I love that.

Trust me, not liking ice cream was just a ploy.

Here is Lily, very nervous.

That child is not going to hug me,
she has got to be kidding right?

"Oh damn. She wasn't kidding."

I don't know how Lily can resist her,

I made the mistake of letting Ava try my strong, black,
as in no cream or sugar coffee some time ago.

She loved it.

Now she gets real close to my coffee cup each morning and looks up at me with the sweetest little face and says cute things like "Momma please, one drink? I love coffee"

She also begs for Altoids each time we get in the car.
I thought for sure she would reject those too.


She LOVES them.

Maybe they help with the coffee breath...

Video, Take Two.

This is my second attempt to play the helicopter video of Ava.
I apologize if you already saw it but seeing as the back drop of this site is black
& the video shows up black it was missed by many.

It is important that you see the video because this is The Video.
The one I was transferring when I accidentally erased
my whole card full of WONDERFUL pictures.

Don't worry I am over that now.

I love the excitement on her face when John flies this thing.

She gets crazy happy.

But really the best way to show you how happy she gets it this...

Here is the video:
I know it just looks like a black box but please click the arrow anyway.

Here is Ava LICKING Daddy's face in her appreciation for playing helicopter with her.

She got in big trouble right after this happened,
she is sooo not allowed to lick people.
I think it is kind of cute,
when it is not happening to me that is. : )

Playing Doctor

I know that sounds bad but with these girls it is pretty innocent. For now : )

This is Sammy, one of Ava's favorite friends.
She talks about her all the time.
When I told her we were going over to visit them today
she went through the roof with excitement.

She told me she couldn't wait to play with Sammy and all of her toys.

She told me how they would ride her horses
and how all of Sammy's horses live in a barn.

As we drove into suburbia,
into the neighborhood Sammy & Tracy live in
I couldn't help but wonder
where did these horses and the barn come from?
I never noticed any of that.

I guess my imagination needs a little work.

Maybe our two little doctors can fix it.

Just Say No.

Just wondering if anyone knows how to say "no" better then me. I am totally failing in that department.

I am trying though.


Grandpa is totally taking over my life.


He is never happy if I am there 3 or 5 hours, he always wants me to come back.


It is like he has no idea I have a family I adore and want to spend my time with.


He is (sort of) thankful but for the most part just totally takes advantage.


I LOVE HIM! I just want him to be happy and feel better. How do I help him become more independent?


Or is this just going to get worse???


Please no.

I was able to tell him no twice in the last few days so I am getting a little better.

Wish me luck.

I hope he starts feeling better soon.

I hope he is able to let go of the constant hand-holding.

I LOVE HIM but I can't take too much more of this.

Boundaries. That is all I need, then I will be able to find my happy place again.

Oh and prayers. Please send some our way.

Thank you.

My Little Sunshine

We start our day with tickling.
Ava needs LOTS of tickles.

She is not allowed to tickle me though.
She knows better.

I love that look.

We have been hitting the parks lately,
the weather has been PERFECT!

Then off to Great Papa's...

Ava loves the new Easter scene outside his neighbor's front door.

This is the inside of Grandpa's apartment.

Great Papa's walker is where you can usually find Ava.

She even lucked out and he gave her a ride all the way back up to the room.

She has quite the fondness for the elevator too.

Well and the stairs now that I think about it.

She adores the FAKE duck outside.

She pretty much likes everything, even ice cream,
which she claimed to dislike forever.
I tricked her into eating some and she loved it.
Why did I do that?
I have NO idea.

Here is Little Miss No Nap, falling asleep on the job again.

Now off to work for me.

Ava is very busy too,
she says she needs to go to Target.

We need cat food.
I didn't even know we were out.
Did Oreo make her sa…