Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Miracles...

Many weeks ago I heard that a friend of mine went in for a regular check up at twenty weeks of pregnancy. She was told she IMMEDIATELY had to go on bed rest. IN THE HOSPITAL. Can you imagine? I know I can't. Thank goodness it was her FIRST baby. What would you do??

Today Elisabeth and Preston had their baby! She made it all the way to 34 weeks and 4 days. Pretty amazing when you think about how hard that little guy was trying to get out of there!

This morning they woke up as a husband and wife eagerly anticipating the arrival of a baby and bed rest to be OVER. Tonight they will rest as a FAMILY. Here is their healthy little miracle, world, meet Sean:

He weights 4 lbs 14 oz and is 17 3/4" long

Can you say PERFECT???

I am so happy for them, let the fun now begin!!


My Life As Mom said...

Awwww that is so precious! He's so cute!

Congrats to them and their family!

April said...

That's AMAZING that she was able to hold off for 14 weeks. Good for her! I bet that bed rest was exhausting.

But all worth it in the end - he's so precious :)