Thursday, July 29, 2010

And we are off...

Goodbye for now, we are off on a little camping adventure.
I love Summer!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two nights and then....

We had two nights of total stay in her bed success!
Yay for that!

Just a minute ago at 10:30 at night on the third night
it was a little different scene.

We heard a little girl voice, looked back
and the door is open and the light in on in her room.
We both go back there and what do we find?
Every stuffed animal has been moved into her bed.
The turtle is in a new location.
The white noise is off.
She has ditched her jammies and is half way into
a very fancy party dress.

She announces she is all done sleeping.

It took EVERYTHING I had not to laugh myself to death
& run to get the camera.

But I am a good parent.
I just acted mad, checked her feet for burns and
sent her back to bed.

With lots of warnings about what WILL happen
if there is a next time...

Fun with friends!

Yesterday we went to visit one of our favorite families.

Here is Morgan, could she be cuter?
The kids have an amazing backyard filled with
everything a kid could want.
Slides, swings, sandboxes,water, room to run...
Morgan's mommy is a little paranoid and she
doesn't want Morgan to have too much fun
so she make her wear this helmet.
I am sure the child will have no issues.
I tried to get Ava to pose for me.
She never really cooperates.
Three kids is NO easier I assure you.
Oh good, there IS a reason for her to wear that helmet!
Having snacks.
Turns on the slide.
Time to swing...and giggle.
But really is there true fun until we get DIRTY??
I think not.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What happened to my little baby???

Last night we un-caged the beast.
We took the side off Ava's crib.

You might see a big girl bed,
all I see is FEAR!
Ava wasn't scared.
More like through the moon happy.
She kept getting in there pretending to be asleep.
She wasn't too good a pretending since
nothing could get that grin off her face!
We explained all the rules to her.
No jumping, no crying, no getting out of the bed
under ANY circumstances.
Daddy even told her the carpet turns into
burning hot water once she goes to bed.

I am sure he will create no issues for this child.

We told her big girls just nicely read in bed.
So that is what she did.
She stayed there all night, not a peep out of her,
she didn't even fall out of the bed.
I checked her feet this morning and she must
not of gotten up, there were no
burn marks on her feet at all...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nothing says Summer like watermelon!

I wish you could see the detail in this picture,
if you could you would see watermelon juice
running all down her tummy.
She LOVES watermelon!
Daddy cleaning her up...
...and holding her like a baby,
another of her favorite things.
She will always be our little baby.

Friday, July 23, 2010

OK out with it already!!

I am the type of person that tells EVERYONE SHE KNOWS
the second I find out I am pregnant. I can't really keep things like this to myself.
I want to shout it from the roof tops.


I found out at 5 1/2 weeks so I feel like even though I have told each person I come across in my daily life I have yet to announce it here, in this blog. I feels like a secret! Well now, as of today, I am officially 12 weeks. That is one of those magical numbers when you can relax a little and feel like things are going well.

This is pretty exciting stuff, as John tells me it is our last baby no matter what!
He assures me there is NO WAY I can convince him we need anymore babies.

So I guess I need to really enjoy (??) every minute of this pregnancy because I don't get to do it ever again. That makes me sort of sad even though being pregnant isn't my favorite state to be in. I always feel like people sort of write you off as incapable of having any fun, maybe forever.

It is the most sobering of states. LITERALLY!

So how am I feeling? In a word, great. Almost perfect or normal. The only issue is that I am tired, most of the day. I have a hard time finding the motivation to get moving and go have the fun I want to. More then anything I just want to soak up every second of this remaining time I have left with just Ava as I know it will be totally compromised in about 6 months.

Speaking of Ava she is simply adorable when it comes to this whole baby subject. She tells anyone who will listen that she is going to be a big sister. She leans over my belly and talks to the baby every day. She always tells the baby she loves her and can't wait for her to grow up so she can hold her. On the Forth of July when we were on the beach watching the fireworks she crawled across the blanket to get close to my tummy and says "Do you hear that baby?? Those are fireworks, they are beautiful colors!!"

I am absolutely dying to know what kind of baby this is. I have about 8 weeks before that will happen. I asked Ava if she thinks this baby is a boy or a girl. She says "It is a girl, HE is going to be soooo cute!"

I guess she has no clue either! : )

This is a shadow image of my friend Ashlee, pretty cool shot!
She is very close to meeting her first little baby,
I am sooo excited for her and her husband!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We need more days like this...

Today I sent Ava off with Aunt Linda
and went kayaking with my mom
on the Clackamas River
It was the most beautiful day
and just so much fun!!
I absolutely loved it!
There were just enough rapids to keep it interesting
but not scary.

I have to figure out a way to do this WAY
more often.

The whole time I was out there I kept
wishing John was with me.
Soon he will be, I will make it happen!

After we got off the river we went and had lunch
at The Stone Cliff Inn.
This was our view from our table:
Today made me feel so close to nature,
I need a little more of that in my life!
I love anything to do with water.

Ava had a great day too,
she played with Abby & Mahala at
Lake Merwin in Washington.

Linda said she out-ate everyone there.
That's my girl. : )
They were serving fruit all day,
so no surprise there...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Ava-ness

There is nothing like boots on an 80 degree day,
good choice Ava!
They do look cute, I will give her that.
Checking out the flowers.
Hanging out on the counter, one of her favorite spots.
Being tickled:
She sneaks into her crib to read:
She says "Look Mommy, I am working out!"
Happy horse riding:

Just a few random pictures,
hope they brighten your day
as they do mine. : )

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training...

I began potty training Ava right around the time she turned one. I broke out the potty and began encouraging away. She faked interest in the beginning but soon it became apparent that the child was a little hopeless, to say the least. Throughout the year that followed I realized that this strong willed child would need a little more time, as well as mom backing the heck off.

Before she turned two I came across a blog a mom was writing who made a bold statement of parents simply being lazy if they aren't potty training their kids very quickly. I was so mad about when I read that but also felt like maybe she was right all at the same time. It motivated me to simply take away Ava's diapers and sort of force her into being ready. I spent the entire day encouraging her as she had accident after accident. She managed to pee in her potty about 4 times and everywhere else about 347 times. I was so stressed out, so was she. At one point she peed on the floor and looked up at me and said "MOMMY CLEAN IT UP!!" in the most demanding two-ish year old voice I ever heard. I felt truly beaten down as I dragged myself over to clean yet another accident. I survived the day and ended it with a few cocktails to ease my pure hell. When Ava woke up the next day announcing to me "Mommy, I wear diapers." I said, OK girl, have a heyday.

After that, I started priming her for turning two years old, you know that is when kids stop wearing diapers. I talked it up every chance I got, all along not pushing because I knew THAT wasn't working.

For her birthday she got a new potty! (I know, how exciting, right??) She also got about 25 pairs of panties, no more diapers, right??

No, the answer was most definitely NO! She even recently threw the biggest tantrum ever when my mom was going to take a few of her diapers up to her house. "NO GRANDMA!! YOU CAN'T TAKE THOSE!! I NEED THEM!!!!" I think her head even spun around a few times.

You may remember somewhat recently she was sent to pack her suitcase and came back with ONLY diapers in it.

Last week when we were heading out to the beach she saw her potty chair & M&M's in the pile of luggage and totally freaked out. "You can't bring that to the beach!!!" She fell to the ground in a lovely little tantrum.

So THAT being the child that I have been dealing with, I have been nothing but SHOCKED that she is now totally doing this! She woke up and decided she doesn't wear diapers anymore. She IS potty trained. I am not saying she doesn't have an occasional accident, but in the last week she has had less then 5 accidents, total. She even survived through the concert the other day with Port-A-Potties as the only option. (Yuck!)

I am so impressed! She really has become a little person, not my little baby anymore. She is growing up, it is sad and awesome all at the same time.

Someone said to me the other day you can potty train your child in one day, you just have to pick THE RIGHT DAY!

So true!


This was the scene right before the incident.
Maybe Ava saw it coming, she looks scared.

The kids were happily taking a shower
then next thing you know as Ava was getting
out, she totally bit it.
Her mouth was full of blood
and we couldn't tell if she lost a tooth or what.

It was really scary.

But she is a tough girl.
She eventually stopped bleeding and stopped crying.
From what we can gather it looks like her tooth
pushed all the way through her lower lip.

It looks pretty bad but she should be fine in no time.

We are just happy she still has all her teeth.
Poor baby!

Zoo Fun!

We went to the zoo today.
Rhi was visiting from Newport and wanted
to go, otherwise we usually avoid these kinds
of things on the weekend.
We went pretty early so the crowds weren't too bad.

Colton & Ava holding hands.
Admiring the ugly Disappearing Pigs.


It was a fun morning.
We all rushed out of there to get the kids
who actually take naps home in time for them.

We want to go to one of the zoo concerts
now that we know how much Ava
will likely enjoy them.
She has been telling people
"I saw Steve Miller Band concert!"
and asking if a song comes on that sort of sounds
like them, "Mommy is this Steve Miller?"

Later in the evening we resumed
play time in the fashion of a BBQ
& games at Erik's. Just got home.
Very fun night.

Ava did almost knock out her tooth,
I will save that for another story.
Not to worry, she is good now,
She's our little tough girl : )

Friday, July 16, 2010

Here is Ava dancing at the concert:

Click the forward arrow to watch!

Steve Miller Band

Last night, aside from being absolutely beautiful weather,
was the perfect night for a concert.

Steve Miller Band was playing out at Edgefield,
Auntie Jessica got us all tickets for my birthday.

We were all really excited, this was
Ava's first concert!!
This was my first Edgefield concert, what a great place.
When we first arrived I was a little scared.
People lined up for miles, waiting to get in.
Once you go in you are trapped.
Turns out the people out at Edgefield have this whole
thing down to a science, they got us all in quickly
and surrounded us with food and drink.
As per usual I took A LOT of pictures.
Ava loves being TALL, daddy offers the best view!
Auntie helps too.
Jumping off the chair, 346th time.
Laughing with Grandma:


Having a blast!
Jumping on Auntie's lap.
My turn!
Back to daddy.
We all had such a great time. It was such a great concert.
It was really fun to see it through Ava's eyes.
She was just thrilled the whole time.
Every person around us came up to compliment us
on how happy and funny Ava is.

She really has a way of winning over even the most
anti-kid people,
I love that about her!

Thank you Jessica for my wonderful birthday present,
you are the best!!