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A few Christmas photos...

The girls and I set the camera up on the tripod and had a little fun with it.  I stuck around for the first few and then let the girls take over, what could go wrong??  : )

Pretty fun!! Happy to get at least a couple of good shots.  There were some crazy ones on there for sure, lots of deleting needed to happen.  I had to cut the girls off at some point.  They loved it though so we will have to try it again in the future.  Hopefully John will be home next time so he can get in on the fun!   : )
 This is my favorite of the bunch, love these little sweeties.

The many faces of (mostly) Norah

I've been holding tight to a gift card Anne & Strohm gave me quite a long time ago back when they got married.  It was a thank you gift for taking some pictures for their wedding, which was totally unnecessary, yet very much appreciated.  It was for B&H Photo, and I simply couldn't decide or commit to what I wanted to get.  After much back and forth and lots of research I ended up getting two new lenses for my camera, a 50mm and a 24mm.  I just broke them out of the box so I haven't had much of chance to perfect our relationship but I'm loving both of them!!  Here's a few shots of my crazy girls, mostly Norah since Ava was at school and she's generally slightly more cooperative, especially if you don't mind silly faces. 

 I love this one.

 Jammie day at school, this is Ava's last day of school for this calendar year.  Bring on the holidays!!

Making cookies with Sophia

We had a fun night celebrating Hanukkah with our good friends Yafit and Sophia.    Check out that classic Norah pose!!  I brought all the stuff for the girls to make cookies together, so fun!   Norah loves hamming it up for me.

 Such a sweet little thing.
 Sophia refused to let me take her picture, Yafit said, fine, I will take one with Ava instead.  :) Love our sweet friends!!

A big pile of leaf fun!

The best!