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Weekend Fun

We had such a great weekend!  Friday night we took the girls to a costume ball at Ava's school.  They loved it and we felt like such good parents for enduring it, so painful.   On Saturday we went to Punch Bowl Social for Bayli's 18th birthday party!! I still can't believe she is 18!  Love that girl so very much.  I really don't know how I didn't end up with a picture of her!?  So weird.   My mom took us all bowling, the perfect family fun!  Even though Norah's ball kept rolling back, she still won.  Clearly we are all excellent bowlers. (or not a golfer...please tell me you get that reference) 

We sent the girls home with grandma and hit the town for a great dinner at Tangier which serves a mix of Moroccan & Mediterranean food.  It was delicious!  We headed home early to watch a movie since we are old. 
No, really, the real reason is that I was given a free race entry to an event I was excited to run in and I just couldn't pass it up, it made for an …

Plumpers Farm

Last week we hit up Plumpers with Ava's little BFF Malia.  As you know, it is my favorite spot to take pictures, so here are a ton of my favorites.  

 Love these with Sam

 I know I'm not "supposed to" post this but I just can't help it.  This was right after I mentioned she needed to keep her skirt down so no one sees her panties.  

 I love the sweet innocent look on her face.
 Pumpkin washing station!

 Such a ham!