Sunday, March 21, 2010

Have you seen Ava's mind? She has lost it...

I'm pretty sure Ava has lost her mind.

It might be a phase...

or maybe sleep deprivation?

She is talking to herself all the time
(not saying that I don't TOTALLY DO THAT TOO)
but it is in 3rd person
(oh wait I do that too!)

She says things like "Good job Ava, I am so proud of you!" and "Don't hurt Ava!"

She has also informed us that she has two kids,
a son named Nemo (shocker!) and a daughter named Dory.

She also talks about her wing.

It is broken.

She can no longer fly.

I wasn't even aware that she COULD fly.

Where have I been?

She is also REALLY chatty right now.

She corners people and won't stop talking to them.
I KNOW she is annoying the pants off them.

At least she is cute.
Otherwise I don't know what we would do.

I am pretty sure her craziness is directly related to the naps she insists she doesn't need.

Funny how she keeps falling asleep against her own "better'' judgment.
Mommy's right. Remember that Ava!!

Just keep telling yourself that, I don't even care if you do it in 3rd person.


The Iwen's: said...

Ha ha...adorable. I talk in the third person at work first graders think I'm pretty nuts too, but also funny...and funny is good. She IS a cutie. Hope things are well with you and yours!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Erin! Can't believe Aubrey is already 1! My how time flys...

My Life As Mom said...

That is so cute!

You didn't know she could fly because her WING IS BROKEN, duh!

How funny.

Rhi said...

LMAO. thats all I can say!