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We could live in our backyard...

I love that Norah is sitting up,
she can now enjoy the kiddy pool & the real bathtub .
They have so much fun together!
Laughing & laughing!
The ducks had to be a part of the whole thing.
Can't say Norah didn't fall in a few times...
Love these girls!!

Backyard Water Fun

Today Ava threw on a swimsuit and ran through the sprinklers.
I love this shot, she looks like a ballerina on point.
I love this one too, all the water droplets, the cup flying,
Ava in action.
I don't want Summer to ever end, love it!

Not so sweet face!

Here is the sweet pea reaction:
Super skeptical, as usual.
Then the dramatic gagging...And then this face:
Sorry Norah, none of these antics are going to get
me to stop feeding you vegetables.

Nice try though.

Sweet Pea

Today I am making baby food.
A little sweet pea action for my Sweet Pea.
Here's to hoping this goes over better then avocados!!


Have to say, loving my new camera : )

Food & Things...

Ava is endlessly fascinated with all things in the yard.
Sometimes you can replace the word fascinated with
"terrified" if we are talking about anything that moves,
but over all she loves it out there.

It is her and daddy's thing.
So cute.

We all love the veggies out there, having a garden is awesome!
Each of our meals start much like this:
Even Ava loves the veggies, she very often just picks
them & eats them right off the vine.
I personally need a little more flavor added to mine : )
Norah wants a piece of this outdoor action too.
For now that mostly means being stuck in this thing.
Which I love.
Could she seriously be cuter??
This child has stolen my heart in a way I thought
was no longer possible.
She brings me right back to those first months with
Ava where I thought I would just die of happiness.
Or lack of sleep.

Here we are over at Grandpa & Grandma's house,
Ava tries to eat them out of house and home.
The girl asked for about 15 different things,
each time ending the snack…

Our morning routine...

Every morning Ava wonders out, looking half awake, runs into our arms & says "good morning!"

She then immediately, with out fail asks for "all her stuff" which translates to this:

Cereal, vitamins & milk.

Today is special, she gets blueberries.

I'm not sure if I'm spoiling her because she is my only kid that actually sleeps or I'm just impressed that today she didn't make it out of her bedroom until NOON!

I love that she embraces her inner teenager.

I'm going to wait until she goes to school to start complaining about that. : )

Summer in JULY!!

With Summer finally upon us in LATE JULY
we can spend mornings doing things like this:
Norah's a little jealous.
She can't just rip off her clothes and jump in a pool
when ever she wants...yet.
Oh well, she finds happiness in other places,
like mommy making funny faces at her.
We took the kids to feed the ducks & geese today.
Here is Norah sleeping through it.
It's really more about Ava anyway,
she loves feeding these giant hissing creatures.
Here is one yelling at me, I didn't even have food.
Maybe he just wanted me to take his picture?
Thankfully Bayli is here this weekend.
She even got to join us for a super fun BBQ with
some of my favorite old friends.
Bayli & Norah
Flying baby!
Bayli is so good with the kids, they just love her!
It's nice to finally be getting a taste of real Summer
weather, it's nearly time to start complaining about it
being too hot, almost. : )

We are back.

We are back from the beach, just a quick two nighter
with a few friends.

I love these glass floats the local glass blowers make,
John & I actually found the two red, white & blue ones
on the beach a while back, which is pretty cool since it
seems like no one EVER finds the ones they put out there.
I can't believe I can just set Norah in these beanbag chairs
now, she used to sink right in, I love her sitting up!
Her tiny little toes never stay still.
We actually got to spend a lot of time down in the
sand this trip, the weather was AMAZING!
So many treasures to be found...
This was Norah's first time actually touching the sand.
She loved running her feet through the sand.
She fell back a few times. I quickly realized I needed
to bring a blanket down to set her on. Trying to keep her little
sand covered hands out of her mouth & eyes all while trying
to take pictures is TRICKY!
The next time I did better : )
Ava had a great time.
She doesn't like going anywhere near the water