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Memorial Day Weekend

I waited until Friday to tell Ava we were going to the beach.
She gets WAY TOO EXCITED about this sort of stuff.
If you tell her too early she will not let the subject go,
"Are we leaving now??? What about NOW??"
The minute I did tell her she ran into her room,
took her jammies off and put her coat on.
She came running back announcing,
"I'm ready to go!!"

Here she is, naked, except for her coat, clearly ready to go.
3 hours later we left : )

To stall her I sent her to pack her bag,
to her credit she did much better then last time.

This time she included about 4 pairs of jammies and 4 coats.
No diapers.
Hummmm. I will have to think on that one.

John got a work-related phone call on the way to the beach
& needed to do some emailing, Mom's beach house still has no
internet access so we headed over to McDonalds to utilize
their free internet.

I haven't stepped inside a McDonalds in about 20 years
but I was pretty excited to let Ava try out their play equipment.
I even deci…