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Now we just need a kennel...

When Ava was about Norah's age we had some great  shots of her wearing a leash & collar, she had begged  us to put on her, we ended up deleting them cause  they just seemed WRONG.  
I take no responsibility for these photos.  I had  NOTHING to do with this.  I only take pictures  of what I see.. : )

 What ever makes them happy.
I sort of wish I would of kept those pictures now...


Love these people, so very, very much.

Brush, brush.

Norah is obsessed with brushing her teeth.  Not me brushing them, but HER.  Don't try to take that toothpaste away from her.  Or go ahead, I DARE YOU.  Clean teeth?  Not so sure. But super cheesy none the less. And you can see who she gets that from...

Bowling with Babies

Who takes 5 kids, under the age of 5, bowling? 
Without cocktails?
Billy & I, she convinced me it would be fun, and you know what?  She was right, it was fun!  Ben went in for the kiss...  Denied.  She does that to me all the time.  Ava's a little excited!  Zech?  Not so much.
 Love Billy.  Tiny bowling shoes.  All 5  They had a dark, crazy light dance party going on.

 So fun.
 Waiting  Hoping  Lugging  Look!  Watching That ball is going to take them out.  Push  Celebrate.

Zoo Fun

We had a great trip to the zoo last week, figured I better put the pictures up before  too much time goes by...  : )  Ava's first love (future husband if you ask her) Nate  They looked over their maps, debating what exhibits  were the most important to catch. This took some serious give and take, just like with most couples.

  Chase  Hide and Seek
 Who needs double strollers?

This zoo business is VERY serious, just ask Max. Love them. Great time, love the zoo, love our friends, super fun.
*It's clearly been several days since we went, thinking back now as I was about to post this, Norah was kind of a nightmare and  there were approximately 6 million too many people at the  zoo that day, which made me claust