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Busy Hands, Happy Heart.

On Monday Ava and I went to visit Billy
and her four children.

She jokingly refers to herself as a child collector,
always saying how sorry she feels for Octomom.

Really she is doing great, she just feels a little like her
attention is so divided,
and there is NO sleep to be had.

This is Amelie:
She is 3 1/2
Oh so adorable!
This is Ben:
He just turned one.
I love his curly hair!
This is baby Zech:
3 weeks old
simply cute as a button!
I would show you a picture of Brad
her 16 year old
but he is far too busy with his friends
for photos people!

Anyhow, Billy has her hands full.

Ava loves coming to visit our friends!
The kids even got to play outside:

They also ate some disgusting yogurt thing
that I will vow never to buy.
Billy may be a child collector
but she sure collects cute kids!



Saturday evening we went to my aunt Linda's house
for a birthday party. Not just any birthday party,
but a surprise party.

Linda was the guest of honor, she turned 60 right around
Christmas time and decided to celebrate half-birthday style.
She put together a 3 day birthday extravaganza.
On Wednesday she golfed & then hit up the casino.
Thursday we all went and volunteered at the food bank.
She was wrapping things up with Friday,
a day of massages and a Ticket to Ride marathon at her house.

Little did she know that her wife Kim had planned a
surprise party for her on Saturday.
It was kind of a last minute gig but with about 4
days of planning she had at least 60 people show up!
Pretty impressive turn out.

Super fun party, great food, fantastic weather,
wonderful friends & family,
total hit!

I can't think of a more deserving recipient then my
wonderful aunt!

Ashlee's Baby Shower

This is Ashlee.
On Saturday we went to her baby shower.
I love this picture of her,
it isn't from the shower but I thought I would
share anyway.
Here are a few shots from the shower,
here is my sister in law D'Auna & my Mom.
It was nice & hot
so we got to put our feet in the pool.
Beautiful Ashlee:

For our shower game, we decorated onesies.
Sadly, I did not win.
If I offered a close up of my onesie you would
totally see why. Lets just say I wasn't too
surprised at the not winning part.

Very fun little shower.
It is always so exciting to see a family
planning for their first baby.
Brings me back a little...

Our New Favorite Park

We heard about this new park near our
house that sounded really cool,
it has water!

Funny thing was apparently it is not
quite as "new" as I thought.

I think I am the last person to know about
it actually.

I even ran into one of my friends there with
her two little girls.

Here are some pictures of the kids playing together:

We liked the park so much
we made John come back there with us
two days later.

It has these giant saucer like swings.
Ava loved them!

And sand!

Ava loved walking around the cement seating area
that surrounds the water part.

This park is right next to the airport
so you see all sorts of cool planes
just over head.

I just love parks with water features.
Nothing better on a hot day.

Yes lets sit with that a moment,
Hot. Day.

This is a new thing around here,
we need to appreciate it all we can!!

The girl likes to sing...

Three dollar microphone,
Best. Toy. Ever.
It doesn't actually make you sound louder.
It more so amplifies only to the one singing.

She may not be a great singer,
but she sure enjoys the act of singing.

Even off pitch and painful to your ears,
she is still MY favorite little singer!

Here are a few shots of Ava with
Auntie Jessica:

Could they possibly be more adorable together?