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Hood to Coast

Van 1:  Dan, Me, Rob, Lynn, Frank, Phil Van 2:  Isaac, Daria, Renae, Krisi, Theresa, Erica
Over the weekend I got to experience the Hood to Coast, a 199 mile relay race that went right onto my bucket list once I finally settled into the idea that I had become a runner.  I had heard tails, mostly just of love for this “mother of all relays”.  There are 1,050 teams of 12 runners, this years event had 12,600 runners and 3,600 volunteers.  The HTC began in 1982 with 8 teams and has filled the team cap on the opening day of registration for the last 16 years straight!
It starts up at Timberline Lodge and you, along with 11 of your friends, run all the way to Seaside, Oregon.  Crazy!  So many hills, unfriendly terrain, and darkness, but that really isn't the main thing that makes this race difficult.  Yes, the running can get tricky, you have to really push yourself to run over and over once your body is tired and over it, you are functioning on no sleep and poor nutrition.  But the r…