Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Say What?

"Mommy I love you soooooo much, you are a very nice mommy!"

"Mommy you are in BIG trouble. You go to timeout!."

I guess she is a little conflicted about me. : )

We were at grandpa's house today and Ava was looking over the table full of framed photos. She picks up the one of John and I and says: "I love this picture. This is my favorite picture, my mommy and daddy."

She is really on a big "this is my favorite...." kick right now. She goes through the house declaring all her favorite things.

"Mommy this is my favorite balloon, this is my favorite doggy, this is my favorite blanket."

She was holding a sticker the other day and says "Mommy this is my favorite sticker. Don't eber touch it, EBER!!!

Then she proceeded to ask me to hold her sticker for her. How am I suppose to keep up?


Sarah @ said...

HAHAHA! That last picture is the best!!