Monday, November 23, 2015

A big pile of leaf fun!

 The best!

 I think she ate a ton of dirt.

So fun!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Playing Catch Up

 I love that they fell asleep in the same position.
 2 Cinderella's off to a party! 
 I LOVE this one!!
 The little pirate even fell asleep with her patch.

 Costco is the best!
 Family game night!

 Georgia still so loved.
 Sweet sleeping sisters with their little bears (Rosie)
 Headed to fun!
 Our neighbors had a great zucchini year, us not so much.

 All four.  :)
 Love this girl.

 Favorite place.
 Oldie but I LOVE.
 2nd grade photo
 Silly girl.  Hope she's comfortable!

Home grown carrots! 
 Fun night out with some of my favorite running friends, no ponytails! 

 So happy & excited to meet Levi & hear him do a sermon in person!!

 Lauren is adorable.
 Norah was laying on the mat saying things like "Ugh, when is this ever going to end?  I'm so tired" while I did my workout.  hahaha
 The bravest girls I know.  They never cry for shots!  Always a smile and a thank you.
 So cute.

 Sweet girl
 Love my sis!!

 We had a fun night out with Martha and Hope.
 They always want a picture with Spot.
Oh Norah!!!  
 This almost catches me up....almost.