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So Random.

I'm thinking a bunch of random photos?  
Why not?  I feel behind.
If you are looking for Norah these days I suggest looking under the furniture.  Crawling backwards apparently means you end up under things.
She is desperate to get her grubby paws on this cat. When she does pet him it is in a grabbing,  attacking, shoving his body in her mouth sort of way.  He loves it, he is very strange.
Here is Norah under the bed. John actually asked me  "Did you put Norah under the bed??" Seriously??  Here is John & Ava on their daddy & daughter day. He took her to her first movie in the theater Lion King, she loved it. Then he took her out to lunch at her favorite spot, Red Robin, then the park to top it off. Great fun, love that they do this sort of thing!
 These are some random shots I took in my room  Sometimes I read my camera manual in bed, I thought trying the shots out while I read would help me retain the information.
John thought it was unbearably loud to sleep thr…

Friday Fun

We had a super fun dinner party on Friday. Good food, great fun & some of my very favorite people.
Sadly, I didn't really take any pictures. Strangely, I still have several to share : )  Fish face!  Ava wishes I would let her do this more often: She LOVES the phone. I took this as I was getting the house ready, I'm ok with letting her use a learn to read app & getting her out of my hair for a minute, Win=Win.  We used to be taken over by zucchini, now it's tomatoes. I'm a pro at using a million a day though, so no worries. Also, anyone who comes over leaves with a few. They don't get a say in the matter.  Cooking : )  Me & Brad He is VERY special to me, my BFF's first born : ) : )  Kid food  Little Zech  Jon & John  Trevor busy making us the best food EVER.  Spinning   Art

I made salad rolls, Rachel & Ryan brought some awesome  BBQ'd teriyaki chicken and Trevor cooked up some  mean Pad Kee Mao & Pad See Ew.
I can't tell you h…

Mug Shots

The girlies need passports, so yesterday I focused on trying to take my own photos for that.  Turns out it's trickier then it sounds. Especially for a baby.  I did end up with some really cute ones though : ) This is the winner:  Ava was much easier of course. When she wasn't being silly that is.  We had some fun with it : )  Smug?  And the winner is: After this I got into a fight with the Walgreens website  which was not working yesterday and in the end gave up and got the kids photos taken at Costco.
Ava's turned out pretty cute but I'm not in love with Norah's.  This morning the website was back up so  I had the one I took printed, I am hoping it ends up  working with all the size requirements, it's really hard to say without seeing it.
Either way, that is done, which is a relief. Here's to hoping that this photo works, I love it so much and I worked hard for this one!! I love their little mugs : )

Twice as FUN!

We had a playdate today.  Little Kruse is just a month shy of being the same age as Norah (She's 7 1/2 months now)

I like how he casually rests his hand on her butt,  he has a way with the ladies : )
 They are pretty cute together.
 She checked to see how many teeth he has, she has 8, he has 2, that means she's winning.  lol  She read some stories. Kruse tasted his.  She got pissed about how the book ended, it was a real upset.  He agreed so he ate his book.  It was delicious!  Momma  Ava played doctor, she is still sick, maybe this is her way of taking charge of the situation?  Norah looks a little worried.   Maybe she thinks Ava's going to give her another shot.  Laughing.  Hysterically.  I just adore her little face.  Love, love, love. We had a great time chatting & comparing baby stories. 
It was a very welcome change from sitting at home amidst our quarantined house.
It is so nice reconnecting with old friends,  I love me some Angela time : )

Still Sick.

Ava is still sick.  She woke up crying, feverish and miserable.   She then fell back to sleep and woke up some time later all  sweaty and hot, screaming that her tummy still hurts.
I took her to the doctor yesterday, they did a bunch of tests and  decided that it was her throat that is the issue but that she
doesn't have strep and she doesn't have mono.  
So I guess that is good right?
In truth, knowing what she doesn't have isn't all that helpful
in getting her better. They told us to wait to see if her fever
lasts 3 more days.
We are on day 6 of a fever, day 8 of being sick.
 I just want her to feel better!

 To help the children cope we have gotten some old toys down out of the attic.
Norah likes them, Ava LOVES them. Don't let Ava fool you in these pictures. Poor girl doesn't feel well but she is loving  these toys.  She also loves watching movies all day and having us wait on her hand and foot.
Sometimes I wonder if she actually  WANTS to get well??

At …