Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playing Doctor

I know that sounds bad but with these girls it is pretty innocent. For now : )

This is Sammy, one of Ava's favorite friends.
She talks about her all the time.
When I told her we were going over to visit them today
she went through the roof with excitement.

She told me she couldn't wait to play with Sammy and all of her toys.

She told me how they would ride her horses
and how all of Sammy's horses live in a barn.

As we drove into suburbia,
into the neighborhood Sammy & Tracy live in
I couldn't help but wonder
where did these horses and the barn come from?
I never noticed any of that.

I guess my imagination needs a little work.

Maybe our two little doctors can fix it.


Rhi said...

my what an imagination Ava has!!!

Tracy said...

Can't wait for another play date (: