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Monday Funday.

I love Mondays.   Not sure many people can say that.
Monday is the one day Ava has preschool, and even if it's only for 3 hours, those 3 hours also fall exactly when Norah's nap time is.
I may or may not of worked VERY hard to  change that to her nap time when we determined when Ava would be attending school...
Not saying I don't just love spending time with  with both these girls, because I do. 
They are both pretty amazing.
Look at this face.  Where's Norah???  There she is!!!  I was standing in the kitchen today, talking to Ava when I see this little face peek in the window.
Thing is she is too short to be up that high...  Ummm yeah, that's what I thought.  36 seconds after I got her dressed, drenched.  Ava thinks it's funny (I'm not admitting I do too)  How cute is this girl?  I almost miss her while she is at school. I love that she loves it though.  This one is pretty cute too.  And she cracks herself up, wonder where she gets that...
Anyhow, not only …

So much FUN!

This weekend couldn't have been more packed full of fun.  Let's begin with Thursday, that night we did a bachelorette dinner for Camille.  She was gearing up to marrying my cousin Jess on Saturday.  Camille, the lovely bride to be.  This also gave me the opportunity to hang out with  my sister, love that. The next night, we had something really special planned.  A girls night with Billy, just the two of  us, no kids and a hotel room in Portland!  Yay!!!  We started the night off right with fresh squeezed grapefruit & vodka, just soaking in our room when  my sister called.  When she heard where we were she dropped everything and came to play with us.  FUN!  We bar & restaurant hopped to 3 different places, all with our own driver!  Yay Jessica.  We had so  much fun, got to bed pretty early & had a nice  quick breakfast together before it was time to rush home to get to the wedding on time.   
Here are a few wedding shots:  This is really special, Camille's Da…

Ava's New Bike

It's funny when we got Ava her first bike, about  8 months ago, we weren't sure she was ready, or big enough for the little 12" bike.
And now it appears she has out grown it.   Here she is on her first bike: (this one we got for $20 on CL)

 Norah is eying it already.  And here is the new bike!  Love it! New it would sell for about $200 but we got it for $50 off of Craig's List, we added a basket & streamers for her handle bars will be next.  Yay! Doesn't she just look so big?!?? Our little baby is growing up so fast,  make her STOP!!!!!

First and Second Haircut

So with Ava we waited until she was nearly 4 before  cutting one single strand of hair.  I think I was just so  happy she FINALLY had hair I didn't want to mess with it. 
My good friend Carmen came over to cut my hair and  we ended up doing both girls too!  (Yay for getting out  of having to go to the kid place Ava was pushing for!)
Here is Ava, this is her second haircut.  : )  She was such a good girl, just sat really still & was super patient.  Here is the after:  It's not a lot shorter, more evened up then anything.  This is the back, a little curlier. She is so cute.  
On a side note this morning she woke up and came out  of her room all dressed & ready to go, happy as a clam. She was wearing a matching outfit and sang us this really awesome song that she made up, it was super cute.   Love this girl.  She is my sunshine.
Here are a few before of Norah, we just cut the hair out  of her eyes, it needed it.

 And here is the after: Sniff, sniff.  Dying over here. …

LC made better.

We can't get enough of the Uppys.   They are one of our very favorite families. 
Matt's Mom is even dead set on either girl marrying  Tyler, I hate to break it to her but Ava has already  married not only herself off, but also her sister.
Although, I am working on convincing her to wait  a little longer before making these major life decisions.
Here are a *few* photos of a recent day in the sand  we spent with our good friends Matt & Rhi.