Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Friends

We have some wonderful new friends, or at least relatively new in the big scheme of things.  We met them at a park one day several months ago and Lauren & I hit it off so now our kiddos are friends too!  I love all of them, they are so sweet!
This is Audrey. 

Here's Lauren.  She's really great, I feel blessed to have met her.

Ava kept "controlling the water with her Water Fairy Powers", it was awesome!

This is Asher.

After we were done playing in the water we decided to go get an iced coffee at the little coffee shop down the street.  On our way over there Ava spotted a ladybug, she picked it up and cherished it the whole way, she even brought it inside and let it crawl around on the table, she and Asher played with the poor bug for quite some time, both kids seemed quite bonded to it.  When we were packing up to head out she decided to let it go, setting it on a leaf.  

Next thing I see Asher flicks it onto the ground and stomps on it, I have to say I did not see that coming AT ALL.  He is the sweetest boy and he seemed to really like the ladybug and he knew Ava loved it, I was shocked!! I didn't even know what to say and I sure didn't know how to talk Ava down out of her complete devastated freak out mode she was tail spinning in to.

All I could muster through her sobs was "Don't worry, we will find another ladybug"  This was troublesome for two reasons, first off she didn't seem to find that comforting in the slightest and second where the heck were we going to find another ladybug?

And then just like that, not 10 seconds later, Lauren spotted one!  It was a miracle! 
And just like that Ava stopped crying and she and Asher were right back to best friends again.

Got to love it!!  : )

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Alayah's Birthday Party

We've been having so much fun and have been so busy that my photos are getting a little backlogged, I've been meaning to put this post up for two weeks now, but here it is, better late than never, right??

Little Alayah recently turned two, her actual birthday was the 10th but we celebrated it the following Sunday.  The party took place in Chris & D'Auna's backyard, the perfect spot.  
 There are flowers everywhere, it's just beautiful.  So many friends and family showed up to celebrate our special little girl. 
 We adore Alayah!!

 Everyone was thrilled with the super pink cupcakes!

 Love her!!

 Cupcake cheers!!
 Norah was cracking the grandmas up!

 She is pretty funny!
 Isla and Norah were pretty cute together!

 She's adorable!!
 I love this picture of Auntie Jessica & Ava!!
 All the kiddos helped Alayah open her gifts, it was cute!
Super star!
Happy Birthday Miss Alayah!!

We couldn't love you more! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweet Friends.

 Little friends sometimes make the biggest impact in our lives.  We were extra super lucky to be able to have  a beach trip with this family, they are going through so much, it's tricky to make this kind of thing work. 

 This is Hannah & Jack, 4 year old twins.  Both so adorable!!
 Little Jack is going through a four year treatment plan for leukemia. It's so heartbreaking and hard to wrap my mind around.  He is the sweetest little thing and aside from watching him do his chemo treatment, he doesn't seem sick.  Of course this isn't always the case, but he was having a good day so we decided to run off to the beach, why not?
 Honestly, I'm always a little hesitant to hang out with these guys, if my kiddos got Jack sick I would never forgive myself.  I'm so thankful the stars aligned and allowed us to all come!

 The beach wind wasn't too inviting but we made a point to go down there and play for a bit, the kids LOVE the beach.

 All five.

 So windy!

 This is Ryan, the oldest, he's six.

 Ryan's tooth was literally hanging by a thread, we were all so happy when it finally came out!

 These silly kids came up with a game where each one would stand in the middle of the group and say "Who do I love the most?", then they would run into each others arms & hug.  Love.

Such a great momma!!

 Loving all the love!

 Even with two children, this is how I feel sometimes...
 I love how Ashlie just looks so casual talking to her son, wearing a gorilla mask...

 Little Jackie has clinic including a spinal tap with sedation and chemo today, they are also giving him a ton of steroids which is always really hard on him and the family.
 So if you are one who prays, please say a little prayer for Jack today. 
Love this wonderful family.  It was such a blessing to me to spend some quality time with them! 

Thanks Mom, as always, for making that possible.  : )