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Over the weekend...

We are all about multitasking around here.
You sort of have to be, if you are holding the baby
you can bet Ava is going to need to sit on your
lap too.
Project Fattin' Up Norah seems to be going well.
This girl seems a bit happier now that we are
totally ODing her on breast milk and formula. Both Martha & Julia stopped by for a visit over the
weekend. Martha & Jessica even brought us lunch.
Now that is our kind of visitors!!
I even get a turn holding Miss Norah when we
have guests, that is if she needs to be fed or changed.
Little Miss Happy
She really is a great big sister.
She seems to enjoy all of Norah's toys
far more then Norah does.
Ava is full of energy and really needs out of the house.
We decided to take her to Out of This World to run
off some energy. Look how little she looks standing
in line with the other kids:
Out of pure coincidence we ran into Colton there!
Ava was thrilled!!
She loves these little scoot cars, too bad she has
to go totally against the grain and go the wrong

Check Up

Yesterday Norah had a doctor's appointment.
After her last check up the doctor showed concern over
the lac of weight Norah had gained.
At 2.5 weeks she weighed 6.5lbs (She was 6.7 at birth)
In comparison Ava was 7.4lbs at birth and at 2 weeks
she weighed 7.14. They should be gaining about an
ounce a day at this age.
So yesterday after I had spent a week trying to fatten
her up she only weighed 6.6, she gained 1 ounce
in a week instead of the 7 ounces they were hoping
for. This is not good. So now after I feed her I have
to give her formula & also pump each time to
up my milk supply.

We took her out to lunch after the appointment.
She had a whole menu to choose from and
she still wanted my milk so that is good right?

Ava wasn't up for photos.
Good thing Norah is too young to protest.
I just hope with this new constant feeding schedule
Norah will find her happy place. Maybe she was
just mad she wasn't getting full enough??
She never really seems hungry after she
eats but we soon will see.…

Send HELP!

Norah spends the majority of her wakeful time doing this:
She is a grumpy little baby. If she is not eating or
being rocked back to sleep she is mad.
In fact sometimes she is even mad while being rocked
to sleep.
And then if you are successful and get her to sleep
she generally stays that way for about 2.5 minutes.
And then the cycle starts over.
We know this is a stage. Ava went through it full
force. In fact I thought that meant we would get an
easy baby this time since Ava was so challenging.

Isn't that how things work?

Apparently not.

Oh well. At least we are seasoned professionals.
We even know that someday there will be an end in sight,
and someday she may be just as happy as her
adorable big sister.
In the mean time? Send help! And vodka, thanks.
: )

Family Fun

My Brother Jeff & his beautiful girlfriend Fernanda
are in town visiting, they live in Canada where they
attend Trinity Western University.
We all had dinner at The Spaghetti Factory this evening.

Which for a camera-happy person like me,
all I see is opportunity : )

We love Jeff, very nice to have him around,
if only for a few days.
Love this picture of Daddy & Ava
Silly Gooses!
Ava took this:
We adore Fernanda, Jeff is a lucky man and we
hope to keep her around for good! : )
On other family matters we found out today
Chris & D'Auna are having a girl!

We are beyond excited to add another girl to the bunch!
Norah & Ava are going to have so much fun with
their new little cousin.

Can't wait to dress her too, she is one lucky girl
coming from a good line of adorable
hand-me-downs : )

Norah's First Bath

Here are some pictures of Norah's first bath.
In truth I was less then excited to give her a bath.
Ava's first bath I was excited about and
that ended in both of us in tears.
Thankfully Norah did much better & I kept my
expectations nice and low. : )
My grumpy little baby relaxed a bit in the warm
water. She cried when I washed her face & when
I got her out and she got cold but that is
pretty much to be expected.
I wrapped her up in her appropriate little
monster towel. : )
She is a pretty cute little monster!
When it was all said and done she got to do her
favorite little monster thing to do, eat.
Since I decided to share a picture of me feeding her
I might as well show you one more,
my favorite one. Look at her little hands!
She is so sweet it just about kills me.

I need these sweet little moments, she truly is
a pretty grumpy baby so I will take any of the
happy moments I can get : )

Weekend Happenings...

There is not really a lot going on over here.
This one is keeping us pretty busy.
Sleep, scream, eat...repeat.

This one has been pretty helpful, sort of.
We have had some cute little visitors.
On nice days we have ventured out a bit...
Linda joined us for many strolls around the block,
sometimes on the scooter...
Sometimes on the trike.
We had stop for a break so Ava could take a phone call,
She is very busy you know...
We love Linda!
We had a great weekend! We got to enjoy
Bayli's company, she is super helpful with both
Ava & Norah. We are trying to figure out a
way to adopt her...

Saturday night we had a nice dinner over at
Linda's house and last night we went to my
Mom's house for a little family gathering.
Good times : )

This week we are going to work on getting out of the
house a bit more, that is generally how I keep
my sanity. Things are a bit trickier with an
unpredictable baby but we will work it out : )

Reading books with Dad