Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sushi Party

Last weekend we were also at the beach for a very fun sushi party with Matt, Rhi, & Tiffani.  We were only missing Erik, but it was still really fun!  We had fantastic weather, none of us wanted to leave the sand.  It was all the perfect prelude to a wonderful sushi feast! 

 So fun!

 Sweetie pie!

 Tiffani makes the best castles! 

 Yummy rice crispy sushi.  I wish I could say I didn't eat a ton of this stuff.  I didn't want to like it but it was soooo good!! 
 The real stuff!  Yum!!

 So much silliness.  


 Rhi and I went on a bike ride.  It was so fun!  I made it to the top of the hill (just barely) and turn around to see how Rhi's doing, and then I died laughing.  I just love her.

 We rode to the store to get butter.  So yeah, where does one put butter once you have it?? 

 And this guy.
 Yummy food for days!! 

Such a fun weekend!  Grateful for these wonderful people!!