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Five and a Half

As you may have gathered, I love these kids.  I think it is just so cute how they get excited about the littlest things.  Ava's been doing a countdown to her half birthday for quite some time now, so we really couldn't let it pass by without taking the opportunity to celebrate her, all day long.  : ) She woke up to balloons scattered throughout her room & the house.
 I had also cut up watermelon for her and had it waiting when she got up.  We measured her on her little growth chart & compared how much she had grown from her last half birthday, a year ago and also how much she had grown since she turned five.
 No surprise she pulled out her fancy dress & crown, it seemed appropriate.   I spent the morning cleaning while the girls played.  I made them a green smoothie packed with berries, spinach, chia seeds and added just enough blueberry frozen yogurt to make it extra "birthday" special.
Next we headed out for ice cream at Cold Stone.  Then ho…

Fun on the Farm

Yesterday we got to visit a farm with Ava's former class.  One of the perks of being previously enrolled in my friend Valerie's preschool is that she still invites us to come along on their monthly field trip, even though we are on Summer break.  
We'd never been to this particular farm, Duyck's Peachy Pig Farm and it was really fun!  They let us feed a ton of animals: goats, emus, lamas, chickens, horses, ducks & pigs.  That of course brought us all around on a nice tour of the farm.