Sunday, October 30, 2011

Funny Little Ava

Ava is always cracking me up.  
The other day we were at Out of this World, a big warehouse
filled with toys, things to jump on and things to climb,
Ava insisted on bringing Hello Kitty.
I wasn't so sure bringing Hello Kitty was a good idea.
She might get lost.
So every time Ava ran by I was tracking Hello Kitty, 
making sure she still had her in tow.

Sure enough the first 953 times she went by, 
Hello Kitty was safely tucked under her arm.
But on the 954th time I noticed she was missing.
I alerted Ava to the problem and she looked very concerned.
She couldn't remember what she did with her but she was 
determined to find her QUICK!
 She got Colton to help her and she ran through
enlisting the help of the employees as she searched,
going on a Hello Kitty hunt.
 She came happily back squealing
Great Ava!  Where did you find her??
Where was she?
"Oh she was in the microwave.  But I found her."  
WTH?  : )
 Tonight she was playing with Hello Kitty & I heard her yell at her,
"You are the most difficult child EVER!!"
 Earlier today we took Ava to Safari Sam's, another play place,
and as we were leaving she saw one of those boxes outside 
that has the free real estate magazines and she grabbed one.
 She sits down in her car seat flipping through her 
magazine as we drive home.
 She looks up and says
"Mom?  When our house burns down I think we 
should get this one."  
I'm telling you, no idea what she might say next but 
I can bet you it will be funny : )

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What our Saturday looks like:

Drinking coffee & bottles while watching Annie on Netflix.
After bath outdoor fun, the hat may have been over kill : )
John mowing the lawn
He looks pretty sexy if you ask me : )
Hanging with daddy
Post grocery shopping new recipe try out, I am in love.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Nope, not the Pumpkin Patch : )

We secretly went back to the pumpkin patch, don't tell anyone.
We needed to meet up with Katharina since we tricked her into making Ava's Minnie ears.
Katharina had to keep Camden home from school because he was sick.
So obviously we can't go to the pumpkin patch right??
That would just be wrong.
He looks pale right??
Way too sick to go to school.
Norah thought he looked like he needed fresh air so she really pulled for us to go.
Ava struggled with our decision but decided she would make the best of it.
Katharina was just miserable the whole time, worrying about Camden's health.
Camden questioned if his mom & sister had this much fun everyday while he was at school.
Norah ate hay, she figured that reduces her chances of getting whatever he's got.
She decided to throw caution to the wind and go be with Camden.
He won't get me sick, he loves me, right???

Norah clapping, steals my heart, all 25 times a day she does it.
He's concerned someone might see him here, I told his mom to have him wear a mask...
Ava ran up to me and says "I found a mashed potato Mom!"
Right on Cool Girl!
Yes you.
We had to try Morgan's hat on her.

Send flowers.

...But not to the pumpkin patch...
...we were never there.  : )

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Fun: Take One!

So my sister works at Cushman & Wakefield and every year
we attend their Halloween party, it is the best, not to be missed. 

Due to the nature of this event falling several days before
Halloween this year, YOU get to be bombarded with
CUTE a little early.

But you are pretty used to that around here right? 
My very dear friend Katharina suggested I make Ava her Minnie ears, I asked her if she had met me?  Then suggested she make them and I pick them up on Wednesday, SEE WHAT A GREAT IDEA THAT WAS??!!! They are perfect!

In the "Alligator" on the way up to Jessica's office, or elevator if you don't speak 3 year old.
My Mom joined in on the fun!
Auntie Kitty
Moo, Meow.
Norah liked Auntie's shrine to the kids. : )
Cousin Abby & Aunt Linda
This was one of my favorite costumes, such a pretty peacock, with real feathers
Linda said this costume reminded her of Grandpa, he often answered the door like this, I still can't stop laughing!!
Super Cute!!!
The Crazy Cat Lady, best costume EVER.
Jessica's boss & the new mascot? 
Ava was thrilled with her loot, stickers, tattoos, glow sticks, so many goodies.
 Me & my Minnie : )

What a great night, the only down side is now I feel like the kids need new costumes for Halloween since I already blogged about these ones  : )