Friday, May 30, 2014

For now...

I cleaned out our garage recently, or at least the half that has my stuff, the other side is far too overwhelming for me, but anyhow, that got me on a kick.  A cleaning and organizing kick.  I've gone through the kids room and got rid of many of their things, cleaned out drawers, the fridge, you get the idea.  But all I can do is think of the next thing I want to work on and none of it seems to be going very fast.  

The biggest irony of it all is that the house tends to get messier as this is all going on since I am not able to focus on my normal daily cleaning things.  Maybe in the mean time we need a sign that says:
 "Home is more organized than it appears" haha.

So that gets me back to not really getting to my photo editing, so I will just put up a couple shots from Instagram I have laying around for now.  Soon I'd like to get the rest of our beach trip ones up, we had such a fun time.  We were so blessed to have John join us!! 
 Norah drew a picture for Jackie!  She is so sweet!
 Love this guy.
Sand alligators, kites, and burying little 3 year olds in the sand...
 My favorite shot!  Cousin love!
 Putting those kids to work!
We will end this with my favorite two little girls, all matchy-matchy.  

Now back to my projects....when does anyone have time to sleep anyway??

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beautiful Ava

I still have a ton of catch up with photos from the weekend, but here are a few I love of Ava.  I asked her to pose for me, which she cooperated with for about 1 minute, but for that quick moment, I am thankful...

 I love these, although she looks so grown up!!!  

Of course, true to form, she ended our little mini session with walking away, rolling her eyes. 
She is her mother's daughter.
(I got in trouble for rolling my eyes ALL THE TIME as a kid.)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Malia!

 These are from last mini heat wave, these girls sure do love spending time with Malia. I'm pretty sure they ask me every single day if they can have a play date with her!  Thankfully I really like her too!  : )

So fun!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Park Fun!

 The other day, after our zoo trip, I picked up Ava & Malia from school.  I really wanted to go home and get out of the sun (believe it or not!) but then Lauren called and said she and the kids were going to the park.  That sounded fun and of course the girls were thrilled, so to the park we went!
It was funny, on the way Ava noticed this family that had little plaques throughout their garden that said things like "In this house we serve the Lord", Ava was really excited to show me that they loved the Lord.  She knew that would make me happy.  When we continued on towards the park she was searching for more of these little plaques in peoples yards, she quickly concluded "Well I guess these people don't love the Lord..."  after each house we passed.  hahaha
 Love little Audrey.
 These girls, it's so cute how they are all paired up.  

 Bubble fun!

 This nice lady in the park let all the kids play with her crazy huge stash of all things bubbles! 

So much happiness!
Loving this nice weather, made even better with our sweet little friends!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Zoo Fun!

 Our group, 6 adults and 9 kids.  
 Love the sister bond between these two!!  They remind me of my girls. : )
 So many little ladies!  Of our 9, only one boy, and he's only a tiny baby. : )

 Alayah is so cute with her little friends!
 Baby Lyon, adorable!

 These girls literally ran circles around us. 

 More sister cuteness.

 My little JOY.

 Love this family, miss them!

 Are we there yet?  : )
 Love this one!

 What are all these silly faces?  So funny!!

 Poor little bug.

Such a fun day hanging out with my Norah bug & so many friends! 

It was funny, I hadn't wanted to tell Ava where Norah & I were going.  I told Norah that morning that we were going to the zoo with Alayah and to please not tell Ava because it would make her sad.  She runs right into Ava's room and says "Ava I'm going to see Alayah!" then turns to me and says "Don't worry mom, I only told her the Alayah part, not where we are going..."  hahaha

Next Ava says, "Mom, it's ok, you can tell me where you guys are going, I am happy to be going over to Malia's house, so you can tell me."  It was really cute.  Love these girls!!