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A look back...

I love that I have this blog.  It is my best way to look back on what's happened, and it keeps all of our memories and photos in order, by date!  I'm so not that organized on my own so this is brilliant!
Today, just for fun, we are going to take a look back.  Here are some photos from February of the year I started this blog, 2010:  We had just moved Grandpa into The Springs.  That's also about 40 lbs ago...  Little mini Ava & Colton were loving their new swimming hole.  Little miss already had reached princess status, much to my dismay. 
Could she be cuter though, really??
And here's 3 years ago, February 2011:  We were just in the welcoming Norah into our lives stage.  She's about 3 weeks old in these next few pictures.  We liked to torture her from a very early age.  She was a bit skeptical, with good reason.  Tuning us all out worked well for her though.  I'm not sure we slept much. Aliens in your house tend to make sleep challenging.  : )
Let's ju…

They do have their own beds, I swear.

Yet somehow we keep finding them like this....

 I just threw in this one for fun. I guess they just love each other, what can you do??
So sweet, love these little loves.

Weekend Fun!

What a fun weekend!!
Saturday we visited with Asher and Audrey, I even left the girls there for a bit while I went running, thank you Lauren!!   Then we went to a birthday party for Collin at Pump it Up, super fun!!  
And that night John and I enjoyed a date night out, thanks to Heidi and Brian for watching our little rug rats!!  We went to Benihanas, it was amazing!! Not only was it super delicious, but we also had a really entertaining chef (B-Rad, you should request him) and some great strangers that we sat with that were really fun to talk to.  It made for a great dinner!!   Love this guy so much!! He's been working so hard.  I'm glad he got a tiny break, he literally worked the entire rest of the weekend.  : (  Could this girl, or this dress be more cute??!?  I'm just adding these for fun.   Love my family, love our weekends together!  

Cookie Fun!

Yesterday we had a blast making cookies with these two!    How cute are they in their Star Wars costumes?  

 Their happy little faces are the best!!  Totally worth the mess!!

My issue with making cookies with kids, beyond the mess, is that I end up eating the cookies and the dough, also children get bored with the process a few cookies in so you end up doing all the work.  This time I had the great idea to give half the dough away before we started. which made the whole process quicker, then I sent the rest of the cookies home with our friends, PERFECT.  I consumed less than one cookie, yay!  Ok, truth be told I may of eaten some of the dough before they arrived...
Really fun project, we will for sure be doing this again soon. This is the BEST recipe, if you feel like making some too.  : )

Happy Weekend!

Well Check

I took the girls in for their well visit on Tuesday.  Norah was immediately concerned that they may give her a shot.  Ava was confident that even though she doesn't like shots, she would be brave and not cry, just like the last few times she had them.   When we arrived at the doctors office Norah was delighted, she said "Oh I love this place, they never give me shots here!"  Um, not true.  But there are fish, so that's cool.  : )  Both girls got an eye test done, Ava got her first 20/20 and Norah knew all the letters, she was doing great on her test until all of a sudden she just decided she was no longer participating in eye tests that day.  And that was that.  She just stood there saying, I don't know at any question and looking away.  It was kind of funny since she was all into it and doing great at first.    The rest of the appointment went great.  Many years of playing doctor at home make these kids into the perfect little patients.  I was really happy to …