Friday, March 19, 2010

The Swimsuit. Search...

My fellow blogger friend Camille is doing a new feature over at Archives of Our Lives. It is called Saturday Steals, she will be featuring some of her favorite bargain hunting moments of the week. To add to the fun she has asked us to feature ours too, here is mine:

You know me, I LOVE a bargain. I was off hunting for a swimsuit for Ava the other day at the outlet mall. I find outlet malls to be really hit and miss. Sometimes you come across an awesome deal and mostly its just last years fashions at a small discount. That is not very exciting if you ask me. So the swimsuits? 30% off of $38.00. You have got to be kidding me!

These little munchkin-heads grow out of this stuff in two seconds I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on a swimsuit. I was able to find one clearance swimsuit at Gymboree for $10.99 but it was the EXACT same one she already had from last year. It was a bigger size but I lose my shopping high if it is the exact same item, again.

I learned that lesson when I traded in my 2000 Gold 4 door Honda Accord for a *NEW* 2004 Gold 4 door Honda Accord. Is this car really new, uh no. It is the SAME CAR!!

Anyhow, back to swimsuits, this is the one I didn't buy because she already had it at home in a too-small size:

I LOVE it but not that much.

This next one is another too small one I picked up last year at Oshkosh for $2.99

...and this next one I got at the DOLLAR store, for you guessed it ONE DOLLAR!!

I looked there this year and so far none to be seen.
I finally settled on this one for $8 at Target.
It will work for now but I am still hunting.

In my great swimsuit search I came across this little number:

A very cute little polka-dot Carters dress.

Ava loves it.

And the best part?

It only cost $3.99!!!!!!
Regular price $30.00!

I can't believe they marked it down that low,
I think it may have been a mistake but I am not complaining.
I just wish it came in EVERY color!


Camille said...

1- Dollar store swimsuit? SWEET.
2- All your swimsuits look great.
3- THAT DRESS IS ADORABLE!!! Great steal.
4- Thanks foe not leaving
me hangin. Even if no one else posts, I won't feel lame because I had ONE taker. You're a pal.

I Heart Monster said...

Um, that's such a cute swimsuit! I heart it ;o) Congrats on the great find on the dress too!!

The Iwen's: said...

Carters is my absolute favorite brand. It lasts and fits well...I just found some bargains at Ross yesterday, but I'm not usually a bargain shopper. I buy what I like when I see it...then I see it for sale later and feel a little sad :( Although by then they usually don't have the size left that I needed so then I feel okay!