Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Say Cheese!! No wait, don't.

Don't tell Ava to "Say Cheese!" or this is what you get.
Eyes closed, super cheesy grin.

It takes much more work just to get her to look normal and smile.

She is teaching me to be patient.

And the payoff is HUGE!

This shot was easy to get, but risky.
Doesn't she look so innocent? Don't let her fool you.

She has been studying up on what it means to be two.
Glorious, mischievous and down right naughty at times.

She takes turns pushing our buttons, the cats buttons, the dog. The dog might actually deserve it though. She steals all of Ava's snacks.
That or they are being fed to her, either one is a total possibility.

My little computer helpers, aren't they cute?
Don't tell Lily I posted this. She would just die.

Here is Ava with her new suitcase ($4.49, bargain!)
ready to head off with Grandma the other night.

I think she was doing a happy dance.

Our little family.

I forgot to mention that our anniversary get-a-way started out on a bad foot. Our car broke down. Ironically I was told the day before that my battery was on its last leg and we went out to get one but it just didn't work out. We got a few miles from home, stopped to run an errand and the car was DEAD. Lovely. We laughed it off and got it fixed and headed out.
We can enjoy any situation together.

This is reason #4575 that I love my husband.


My Life As Mom said...

Oh I love your little precious.. she's just adorable!

Madeline said...

I LOVE the picture of Ava sleeping. It is my second favorite picture of her. My first is when she is sleeping on her Boppy in her little brown outfit. I think she was only a few days to weeks old!

Sarah said...

I love that picture too, maybe I will have to dig out some oldies to add to this site. Hard to believe that tiny baby is the sassy little angel that I have now!! My how they out!

Rhi said...

geez she looks like an angel when she's sleeping!

Tracy said...

I just love it when they sleep.. as much as Sam might drive me crazy some days, as soon as I see her sleeping face all is forgotten!