Thursday, September 30, 2010

So much to do, so little time.

It is one of those days,
the to-do list is long.

All for good reason though,
Bob & Barbie are on their way here to visit.

So no time for a real blog post, too much to do.
So I will leave you with this:
(Cute pictures of Ava)

That last one is my favorite : )
Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Trip to the Dentist

Two weeks ago I made Ava a dentist appointment.
She has since been impatiently waiting for her big day.

Yesterday, the day finally arrived.
This is right outside the office of The Shoebox Pediatric Dentistry,
She says "I am soooo excited to go to the dentist!!"
(Yay me for not letting her know my true feelings about dentist visits!)
The office was really cool. It was packed full of kid friendly
toys & activities.
There was a little kitchen and a train set. Oh and movies
playing for all the little TV addicts.
(Yes I did drag Ava away from that movie so she could
show me all the toys!!)
When it was Ava's turn the dental hygienist came out and
offered her a sticker and asked her all the typical get-to-know-
you questions, how old are you?, when is your birthday?
She just had a very nice way with children. She got
Ava even more excited about her appointment.

Here is Ava getting her x-rays.
She happily followed all the directions.
Such a big girl.
They cleaned her teeth, she did great.
I wasn't really expecting them to do much of anything but they
did it all. Scraping, cleaning, brushing, all the fun stuff.
When all was said and done they filled a little bag with fun
stuff to take home, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a sand
timer, mouthwash, stickers and a little purse.

When we got outside Ava looks up at me and says
"Mommy I am sooo proud of myself!!"
Really how cute is that?
I couldn't be more proud either.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our fish would like to see some ducks please!

Today was a surprisingly gorgeous day.
It felt like summer...
Check out that blue sky!
Ava and I went on a duck hunt before her swim class.

There is this beautiful pond right next to the swim place
and I thought for sure there must be ducks there!
I know that if I was a duck, this is where I would live.
But we saw no ducks, Ava didn't seem to care,
she just thought the place was cool.

She was impressed that they had little picnic tables
that she could eat her lunch at. It was so hot
we actually had to flee to the shade!

Then it was time to get going, we didn't want
to be late to swim class...

As we were leaving we hear a loud "QUACK!!"

There were ducks! They were just hiding.
They must of sensed we were leaving with our
stale bread. They weren't going to let us get
away that easily.

Good thing, Ava was thrilled!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A quick weekend away...

We decided to make a quick trip to the beach on Saturday.
The weather was beautiful the entire drive there.
(Not so much once we arrived)
As we were about 20 miles from the house Ava
announces "Mommy I have to go potty."

I think she saw the fear in my eyes as there was really
no place to pull over to go. She looks at me all
disappointed like and says "You didn't bring my little
potty, did you?!" I explained to her that only babies
use those little potties, she is a big girl now. I looked
back at her and said "Ava can you just hold it?"
She looks all around the backseat and says
"Hold what Mommy?" : )

She did make it, thank goodness.

Ava was very happy to be back at the beach house.
She switched right into entertainment mode,
running around, dancing, singing, making everyone laugh.

She loves this one stool we have there, it is really high off
the ground and she likes to jump off of it into the beanbag
chairs. She got it in her head she wanted to jump onto the
hard floor too. I told her she could only do it when someone
was holding her hand. Soon after she calls me over and gets
up on the stool. She says "Mom, watch me, DON'T SAY
ANYTHING, just watch me!"

Apparently Auntie told her she could.

Uncle Chris, making Ava tall.
Next Ava got a hold of the camera...
Her first shot, eyes closed, looks like Grandma happily sleeping.
That's better!
Next she wanted everyone to open their mouth,
like this...
Ava got Auntie first,
then Grandma,
and finally Ryan, Jessica's roommate.
This was our first time meeting Ryan,
Ava was able to quickly get him with the program,
here he is reading books to her.
After all that playing Ava was exhausted.
She begged to sleep in the beanbag chair.

In normal Ava fashion she quickly ditched her jammies.
Her plan of sleeping in that beanbag only lasted
so long, she eventually crawled into bed with me.

I tell you this child has an amazing ability to make
a king size bed feel like a twin.
Neither one of us got any sleep.
She kept crawling all over me trying to convince me
it was morning time, time to get up!

The next day she told Grandpa John that he was
not allowed to go to the beach because it was raining.
Little did she know her reverse psychology was the
perfect way to get a beach trip going!

Grandpa John
We had a quick breakfast when they returned,
Ava must have been hungry from all that playing
and no sleep, she ate 4 plates of pancakes & fruit!!

And then she was out!
She slept the whole way home!
Sadly, being the driver, I didn't have this luxury...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I love a store worth loving!

These pictures are from The Streets of Tanasbourne.
We were going to REI to see if I could get my tent fixed.
Ava loves the fountain right out in front of the store.
She walked around it as many times as we let her.
I think that is approximately 1,256.
Here look I have included 2 pictures of me so you can
sort of see my giant tummy, of course it is bigger then
it appears...

Nice mid-air shot
Deep in thought
The part of my tent that had broke was this small
insignificant pole, the tent had a few other issues
but I didn't even mention those.
The sales guy said they would replace the WHOLE TENT!!!
I am so happy!
They even redesigned the tent since we got ours over
2 years ago. The new design looks much better.
I love a company that stands behind it's products!

Go buy something at REI!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are 2 play dates better then 1?

First off I lost my mind on Tuesday and decided to make
salsa. I really had no choice, the counter was full of
tomatoes that were mocking me every time I walked by
them. I made salsa last year too and it was so delicious
that we ate it all super quickly. So why do I bother going
through the entire canning process??

I have no idea.
For some reason I didn't start my project until
about 8:30 at night and here is the real kicker, it took
me 7 hours to make it!!!! I have no idea why, it just did.
By the time 3:30 in the morning rolled around I had
reached a state of no longer caring, just wanting it done.
My taste buds were dead to me and I had no idea if the
salsa was going to be any good but in the cans it went.

The verdict?
I should just buy salsa.
Save my sanity.

Today we had a double play date extravaganza!

First more Katharina, Camden & Morgan
because really?
We can't get enough, we love that family!

They are so funny!
I was hoping the two play dates would over lap
a little because the mom's actually both know
each other from many years ago but that part
didn't really work out.

Next Ashlie, Ryan, Hannah & Jack came over.
Twins, it cracks me up that the boy's hair
is long & curly the girl's, not so much.
It always seems like the girls fight you with this stuff.
Ava was in a mood.
Ryan was trying to fix her. Good luck with that.
They figured out a way for the car to work for two!
They both were having some sharing issues.
See here is that moody thing again!
Maybe for once she was all play dated out?