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Around the House

I know I cut her head off,  still love this, maybe it's because for once she's actually NOT crying while we brush her teeth.
Just wait until John takes his turn, that smile won't last. We're putting this one to work.
Love that she wants to wear a princess costume every single day....maybe she needs a Cinderella one.

Lots of fun Easter-y things going on this weekend,
the excitement level from Ava is HUGE.  She's
constantly providing a countdown for everything
fun in our future.  : )

Love it!

Love our Friends.

We are home now, we just got back from several days at the coast.  
We were lucky to have our friends join us for some fun on the beach.  Our girls get along great, they had the  best time together.

 These girls like to play IN the ocean, my girls usually stay away from the water, well not any more.  Now they both want  to spend every second in it, that's a lot of  work with a two year old!

 The girls loved playing jump into the bean bags, that's always a hit, with everyone.

 These girls are so funny, sweet & silly!

Friend Fun

We've been hanging with Jessica, Nate &  Max the last few days.