Monday, March 15, 2010

Best Friends are THE BEST!

This is Billy. She is my best friend.
Could she be more gorgeous?
No. The answer is no.

I love her smile, I love how she makes me laugh.
I have been in physical pain from laughing so hard after spending time together.


One of my favorite things about Billy is that she is a wonderful mother.
She plays on the floor with her kids, teaches them everything under the sun,
including French. She adores each of them.
She laughs with them and helps them learn to be good people.
(Can't wait to meet baby #4 in about 11 weeks!!)

Billy is a people magnet. I have never met someone that doesn't like her, no scratch that, I have never met someone that doesn't LOVE her. She is adorable and she knows EVERYONE.

I tease her about that all the time. She usually runs into several people she knows each time we go anywhere together.

She is a wonderful wife.
She is a terrific friend.
She inspires me to be a better person.

I wish I had a picture of her with Bradly, her 15 year old son, I love him.

At Christmas time I was walking through the mall and saw this display:

~Sarah & Billy~
It stopped me in my tracks and kept a smile on my face for days. How perfect is that?
We are meant to be together.

Anyhow, today is Billy's birthday.

Happy Birthday Billy!


Thank you for just being you.