Wednesday, March 3, 2010

4 Years Strong

Four years ago today we were making out over wedding cake.

And falling in love on a whole new level.

I adore my husband and these bring back wonderful memories BUT
aside from the few professional shots,
we have the worlds worst wedding photos.

They absolutely suck.

I don't even care though because I still got to marry the
most wonderful man in the world.

We did have a photographer that took some decent pictures but we only purchased a proof of each so I could scan them and then they would feel more real.
Here is one of them:

All I really wanted out of the photos was a nice album and I have that.
Now lets move on to my favorite pictures.

Brace yourself, they are actually of the two of us, NOT our daughter.

I love this photo, it takes me back. This was taken about 2 minutes after our little fiasco with losing our camera in a taxi cab, in Aruba.

We never thought we were going to see that camera again, it was absolutely devastating. It had the whole first half of our honeymoon photos on it and it also may or may not of had a few slightly inappropriate photos on it to. I am not saying it did
but it may have.

The locals pulled together and helped us get it back pretty fast. Amazingly nice people, it only made us love Aruba more. Not that it is hard to love, absolute paradise.

This was the view from our room.

He is so cute!

Four years ago today I married my best friend, my favorite person, my love. At the time I couldn't imagine things being anything but comfortable and damn near perfect. We didn't struggle like other couples did, things were just easy between us.

I don't know when it happened but the easiness began to fade. Things got tricky with jobs and money, the stress tripled and gone was the lightness of our day to day lifestyle together. It was rough, but not for one second did either of us question our future together.

Every hard time we have endured has strengthened us as a couple. Today we are a strong family, an awesome team and damn good parents to our adorable little daughter. I love our life and am truly looking forward to the next 50 years together! Happy Anniversary honey, I promise we will go back to Aruba someday. Can't wait to see what adventures the universe has in store for us next. : )

In other news:
I was featured on one of my favorite blogs today: Becoming Sarah Check it out! You will love Sarah, she is both witty and wise. Her adoration for her stunning little girl Charlotte is extremely touching & inspiring. If that is not enough to make you want to run over and read her blog right this very minute do it anyway because you have got to see this baby!!


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kbreints said...

Happy Anniversary! What an amazing Honey Moon! The view from your room is to die for!

My Life As Mom said...

HAPPY day after your anniversary!

Your little family is beautiful!

Tracy said...

Happy anniversary! Hard to imagine things without Ava.. anniversaries are a good reminder to not forget about mommy and daddy alone time (:

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone! We had a wonderful time!

Rhi said...

as cute as Ava is...its nice to see some pictures of you and John. You two are an awesome, strong couple. Happy Four Years!!!!

Sarah said...

I hear you! I love seeing pictures of you and Matt, you guys rock! I will try to take more pictures of "us" it is hard, we need to train Ava to take them :)