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Old School

This picture was taken at a time in my life where
I thought I was ready for kids.
It was about 16 years ago.

I made the decision to become a nanny for
these two little beauties.
They became my heart.
This is Taylor & Lauren.
They also set me strait and made me realize
I had a lot of living to do before I settled
down and had kids.

They taught me a lot of parenting lessons
I use today, as well as lessons of what NOT to do.

This evening I got to see Lauren & her mom.
It is so wonderful to see her all grown up.
It's also a little sad, a continuous reminder of
how quickly kids grow up.

When I was pregnant with Ava I couldn't help
but wonder if having Taylor & Lauren in my life
was my preparation for having little girls in my
future, or my constellation for never getting girls
of my own.

Even though the kids' mom tried to scare me
to death over stories of the evils of teenage girls,
I am so happy with the way things worked out.

I couldn't be more grateful.
We are so very blessed.

I LOVE a good weekend, & this one was GREAT!

We had a really nice weekend.

Friday I got to have Bayli,
my sister even brought her over and we all played
Ticket to Ride.

Saturday I made a run for it and had a quick
overnight girls trip with Billy, my sister &
my mom away at the new mountain house.
We had about 24 hours of girl time. We got
to go to the little local bar and shoot some pool.
We had a lovely dinner together, danced
and mostly just laughed and had a wonderful
time. It was heaven.

I missed my babies, it was so nice to come
back home to them.
On Sunday we went to a beautiful wedding.
I'm so happy for the bride & groom, I love weddings : )

John has been working all weekend on our yard.
It looks wonderful!!!
It is so nice to see him be able to relax for 3 whole
days in a row, even if "relaxing" actually means
working his butt off all weekend beautifying
our house. (He loves doing it, thank goodness!)

The cutest thing?
Ava loves to help him. She follows him all over the
place, chattering away the whole time. She digs,

Just Waiting...

I am so excited.
Anxiously awaiting word about a baby
that seemed to be coming last night.

This is one of my favorite people, Rhi.
Could she be more beautiful???

Her husband Matt took these wonderful
Can't wait to hear if another adorable little boy
is joining their family or a sweet little girl...

The suspense is killing me!!!

We have finally reached that point where I am
actually glad they didn't find out the sex of the baby.

Either way, I couldn't be happier for their family.

Organized Chaos

Once upon a time there were 3 friends,
quite inseparable.
Krissy, Billy & I had such fun together growing up.
I could tell you stories but I'm afraid our
children might read this some day. : )

Krissy moved away several years back.
Billy & I were devastated.
It is sad having her live so far away.
We stay in touch over the phone but that is
about it, and it truly isn't enough.
We have nine children between the 3 of us and it
is so important to us that they know each other.
Phone calls between us moms doesn't accomplish
that at all.

Well the good news is Krissy is here for a visit,
the better news is it is not just a quick visit, but
the entire summer!! Yay!!

Amelie So last night we all headed over to Krissy's house
and got all the kids together to play together,
and play they did!

All the kids had such a great time!
They LOVED this bouncy thing filled with
balls that you could attempt to throw in the
basketball hoop in the corner of the room.

Zech Ava Ben …

Smiles : )

Norah is really breaking out with personality!
Ok, that is sort of a lie. But she is getting
more fun.
She smiles a lot and even laughs if you
REALLY work for it.
Ava begs to hold her all the time.
It's pretty cute.
Watching Ava make her laugh is just
about the most awesome thing ever!
I love the way Norah watches everything
Ava does and just eats it up if she gives
her attention.

She is probably just inventorying everything
naughty to emulate later, but whatever.

For now I will choose to think that they just really
love each other! And that makes me happy : )


We are super happy for my Mom & John,
she has her beach house and now he has his
ski house. We feel spoiled just knowing them : )

Ava was super excited to go check out the new
digs. On the way up she saw Mount Hood and
says "Is that the mountain house?? I want to go
to the very top and slide down!!"
When she saw all the snow she screamed
"It's just like Christmas!!"

I think she may be right, this is sort of like Christmas!
Here is a little photo tour:
Bathroom on the main floor:
Loft area:
Looking down from the loft:
Brace yourselves, here it is, my DREAM kitchen:
There's even a little apartment below you could
rent out or fill with friends and family:
Ava took this:
and I took this:
Ava was pretty excited about the whole thing.
We played, finger painted, built forts...
She loved all the camping chairs that are acting
as furniture before the real stuff arrives.
She couldn't stop talking about camping.
Norah set up shop in the closet, it's almost like
a crib righ…

Tricky concepts for a 3 year old, or a 34 year old.

Grandpa's health recently took a turn for the worse.
He had a pill that burst in his throat and then
aspirated in his lungs, causing him pneumonia.

We decided it was time to get hospice involved.
He just wasn't comfortable at all and we knew they could
ease some of that pain and discomfort.

I still believe he is going to live a lot longer but he really
wasn't looking so good there for awhile. They warned
us at one point he wouldn't make it through the night.

Once hospice got involved he has had a bit of an
upswing. His health has stabilized and he seems
much more comfortable.

This whole process really got me thinking about how
Ava is going to take it when he does go.
She has grown quite close to him since he moved
here. We tend to visit him a couple times a week
and she asks about seeing him pretty much every day.

I decided to explain to her that grandpa is very old
and he is sick and he is likely to die pretty soon.

She was shocked.

She was really sad but I explained that he had l…