Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Happiest Little Skier

I've been having issues with my photos
which is preventing me from sharing all the 
over the top skiing cuteness that is Ava.

After way more work then it was worth
I was able to salvage some of the photos
that were feeling lost to me. 

Without further ado, here is our skiing pro.
 Saying bye to Norah. ready to hit the slopes.
 She zips down the hill, weaving through all
the less confident people around her.
 See that lady pointing to Ava?
Many parents & instructors were using
her as an example to motivate their little skiers.
 Norah has been the trickiest part of all this fun.
 While Ava skis what do you do with Norah?
 Usually I just stay home wit her but this
time I let her wander around in the snow.
 Either way, I don't get to ski.
I'm still learning myself so I cant really take Ava.
 Oh well, Norah sure is cute!

 On the steeper hills Grandma helps Ava.
 It's so great they get to do this together.
 I love watching how happy & confident it makes Ava.
 She is so proud of herself.
 She loves the chairlift, shes just not quite
tall enough to get on it without being lifted up.

 She has mastered the Magic carpet,
she used to fall every. single. time. 
when getting off of it, but now she's got it!
 She doesn't even ever want us to go with
her on that hill anymore, unless we plan
to race her down.
 It's so fun watching her master this new skill!
Ava is such a rock star!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Who doesn't love pizza??

Hello from Government Camp!

It's snowing like crazy outside, it feels
like we are sitting inside a snow globe.
A really nice change from the last few
days of rain : )

The other day I finally got around to
making this Cauliflower Crust Pizza I have
been dying to try.  In a word?


I crave it all the time now and it's just so
easy to make!  And sort of healthy!!

You just "rice" a head of cauliflower, mix in some
low-fat mozzarella, egg & some spices and
form into whatever shape your heart desires
(what an easier way to make heart shaped
pizza in the future!!) and bake.  Then add
your sauce & toppings and broil for a few
I topped ours with a mixture of sauteed mushrooms,
 onions & garlic as well as Greek olives, artichoke
 hearts, red bell pepper, feta, spinach & Parmesan. 

Oh my!  You seriously need to try this!!

I've made it twice already and can't wait to
make it again!  YUM : )

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Off Again...

First swimming class & then back to 
the mountain.  Lets hope for the perfect
snow conditions! 

I haven't even unpacked yet, aside from 
pulling a few things out to wash.

It's pretty much a whirlwind, trying to figure
out what to cook & such.  
I am super excited about this trip, 
it looks like Billy & her family will be
joining us.  Love them, can't wait!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pictures from Government Camp

I feel like every post could be titled that way 
for quite some time. 

Mom got Ava & I Spring ski passes so we will 
be spending as much time as possible up on the 
mountain, getting our ski on.

 Colton & Erik stopped by for a little snow play : )

 Watching my girls hold hands 
melts me heart.

 Norah is working on mastering fork food,
she thinks it's hilarious.
Love, love, love Ava's messy hair!

  Climbing out the front door : )

I hope you like pictures, I'm sure there will be more tomorrow!

We got home late last night and we may go back
 as early as tomorrow afternoon.  

Ava is thrilled, she can't wait to get back up there 
and ski more, you have to pull her off that mountain!

I need to get back up there too, I am determined to 
improve as much as possible quickly before she is 
skiing circles around me, I may already be too late! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Actual Skiing!!!

So we did it.  

We got right back on the horse. 

Even though everything was going wrong
on Wednesday and we had made no plans
to go skiing on Thursday, it was just so 
beautiful out that we decided to give it a go.

I had a much better feeling this time, 
but I am me, so I still had my typical
optimistic skepticism going.

We decided to try the rental place across 
the street this time.  I guess Mom prefers 
that one, we had only gone to the other one 
the day before because I was standing in 
front of it, waiting for Mom, so it just ended
up that way. 

I liked the first place, they gave Ava super 
short red skis and cute white boots.  She 
just went with it, even though she really does
have an opinion about everything, especially 
colors of things. 

Anyhow, this guy, at this new place, must of 
really GOT IT.  He saw her coming or something,
he brought her out the pink skis with unicorns on 
them, pretty much her dream skis really.

It was one of those moments where you just 
know that might of been the kicker.  We were
a little unsure if Ava would take to skiing, she is 
a little weird about things sometimes.  She still 
struggles with weather she likes sledding or not
because it's a little fast for her taste, so skiing 
seems questionable. 


Oh yeah, you got her.

She is yours skiing, that was mostly all it will take.

She did have a moment half way down the hill on 
the first run where she looked like she was ready 
to throw in the towel but when she thought about 
never seeing those skis again, I think there really 
was only one choice, forge on through.

And she did.

She skied like crazy.  Full throttle, fearless, go getter. 
I didn't even know she had that in her.  

She never wanted to stop.  She wanted to race me 
down the hill and each time she fell she would just 
get right back up again (just like we talked about).

She was amazing.  I was so incredibly proud.  

She kept screaming "I'm a skier!  I've got this!  I 
don't need any help!!"  

She even went on and on about how she would now
teach Colton to ski.  The girl refused to wear the 
harness we were using to slow her down after the
 first few runs.

That about gave me a heart attack.

So incredibly fearless!!!

Now mind you all of this in on the bunny slope
so things might change as we go up, up, up. 

Only time will tell but I think we are off to a very 
good start.  She was snow plowing to stop, turning
a little, and going way faster then any other kid I 
saw out there. 

I had a good day too.  It has been 15 plus years 
since I have skied and I have never been much 
past Ava's level so this is all very new to me too.

But it was coming back, whatever it was that I used
to know : )

The 151, peppermint schnapps & hot chocolate
I started our skiing off with was so delicious!  I 
might just have to make that my new skiing tradition!

I couldn't be more pleased that things went as 
well as they did.  It was a super huge contrast from 
the day before, but really I'm glad that happened too,
it just puts it all in perspective, and sometimes 
the right perspective is half the battle.  : )
 The proud new owner of Pink Unicorn Skis, thank you Grandma!!
 We love you Ava!!  You earned them!