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Funny Little Girls!

Ava is not quite ready for high heels, yet that doesn't stop her from trying them on.  Or semi twisting her ankle.  Poor girl, I guess it's not too young to realize fashion is painful. (Little kids shoes that have heels?  Bugs me so much!!)  Trying on Daddy's glasses!
 I think she looks pretty cute!!  Even in terrible lighting her pictures steal my heart!  Norah is such a silly, funny little girl!  When ever music comes on, even the slightest beat, she wiggles her little butt.  It's the cutest thing ever!! Her hair is pretty funny too : )

Weekend Fun

We had a nice weekend.  On Friday we took the kids to Dawson Creek to ride their bikes.  This was perfect, Ava is still getting the hang  of it and Colton really inspires her to keep going.  He is a  little rock star on his bike with NO training wheels!!   They rode and rode for at least an hour and a half. Ava would of never went that far, but chasing Colton made it fun!  There were even lots of hills but she did it!  Where is Colton??  At some point we realized we had lost Norah's  shoe, so the Shoe Hunt began!  We retraced our steps looking all over the place. We eventually found the shoe, both kids rode right by it, big help they are : ) We saw a nutria: Colton taking a little rest.  Goodbye love.  On Saturday John & I took the kids to OMSI.  It took us approximately 42 years to find a parking spot.  It was REALLY crowded, we were over it pretty quickly. But the kids loved it!

 Norah likes sitting on little chairs.  Norah LOVES standing on little chairs, the more dange…

The Thrill of Getting Mail

Do you remember how exciting it was to get mail  addressed to YOU when you were a kid??? Well just in case you don't, here is a little reminder.  : )
I think I am going to have Ava start sending letters  to people just to see if they write back and make her day!
Thanks again Matt & Rhi, I can't tell you how cute and sweet I think it is that you would see something Ava would love and  send it to her. That's pretty awesome!!  
Love you so much, you might be getting a letter soon, just please, write back : )

Hat Tricks

It's not really very tricky to get Ava to wear a hat. the girl is in a constant state of dressing up like  something or other.   It's quite a bit trickier to get Norah to wear a hat, she usually just takes it off.  Sometimes she surprises me though,  like on Valentines day when she wore a bow in  her hair, nearly all day.   I like how wearing a hat seems to make things  funnier for them.  : )
 Ava is a little weird, I'm not going to lie.  I can't get over how grown up Norah seems all of a sudden.  Her hair is really filling out and getting curly, it's so cute! Norah is still just taking a few steps at a time and falling. Being sick set her back, she had no balance for several days but you can tell she is about to really catch on.  
Watch out, little baby Norah is growing up! Hats off to her.  : )

Back to The Springs

Nearly every day we drive by The Springs,  where Grandpa used to live.
Ava always points it out to me,  "Look Mom!!  That's The Springs!  Where Grandpa used to live!!"  Then she gets quiet, "But he died.  But we can  still go there and visit the other old people, Linda is going to take me back there some day..."
For eight months I have had that same conversation,  over and over.
So yesterday Linda was coming for a visit & we  decided that this should be The Day.  
"Ava, Linda is coming over today, we are going to go to  The Springs and have lunch"
She looks at me like I have completely lost my mind.
"Mom, I'm so sorry, you can't go with us."
Apparently this was an "Ava & Linda" thing, little  did I know.  She is always looking for ways to  get away from me, which I really can't blame her. So many days I feel the same way : )
But I did want to go.  There were so many people that lived at The Springs that we grew …

I love shopping, AKA leaving the house.

I figured I would write about shopping since I am  missing leaving the house, ever.  Well that's a lie, we did go to Ava's swimming class and Norah's "well check up" which holds a bit of irony since she really  isn't well.  
So anyhow, these pictures are from last week, way  back when my little baby was happy and not quite so  needy.  (don't get me wrong, still super cute, just grating on my nerves)  
Look at what a relaxing place Costco is!! They even provide lots of appetizers. They do however need to work on their beverages, I don't think they have ever offered me a margarita or wine or anything fun like that EVER!!
 Doesn't  she look like she needs a drink with a straw & an umbrella?  So anyhow, last week when we were at Costco,  Ava came across this GINORMOUS moose and  of course, she wanted it, badly.
To my mother's shock I told Ava she could have it. It was all hers! With one condition... long as she could pick it up, and car…

Silly Baby

Our little Norah is starting to come back to us. She isn't all smiles yet, but she was far happier today. I was even able to capture a few funny pictures of her cutest moments.   She was playing with this shape sorter box, so naturally the next step would be IN right?  She thinks so.  Look at that face.
I couldn't love her more.  Norah is at a funny stage right now, she must have at least one hand on me at all times.  She may crawl away for 2  seconds but she will inevitably come right back and put her little hand on my knee or wrap her arms around my legs.  Mostly she wants to be held and I will take it because I know from past experience that these stages are fleeting. Not that Ava doesn't want to be held or crawl all over me  every single day, but it's a whole different kind of attachment  then this baby needs to be near momma thing.
Here is someone who rarely gets photographed, Oreo. It usually takes being in close proximity to the kids to get in the shot. I love…