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The doctor is in...

Morgan came over to play today. The girls have so much fun together. However after reading books about Franklin going to the hospital, they were bound to  catch some serious pretend illnesses.   Fortunately Dr. Morgan & Dr. Norah were on the case.  Although judging from the look on Dr. Norah's face,  I don't think the prognosis is good.  Oh well, I'm sure they will come up with a cure eventually... I had no time to help, I have been tirelessly editing & organizing photos for a certain birthday girls photo  slide show. 
3 days until my little baby turns ONE *sniff* *sniff*
I should probably start on her baby book, damn.

Fun with Friends

What a great weekend!  We had some visitors, not just any visitors but the Uppys!  Four of our very favorite people!  In honor of our babies getting together we dressed them as twins!  Seren is so cute!!
 Rhi was holding Seren and Norah climbed right up there on her lap, she needed to be part of that too.  In fact every time I turned around Norah was trying to get Rhi to pick her up.  She LOVES her!  Matt & Rhi went to see Matt's sister Jenni's dance performance, we watched the kids.  We have two kids, what's two more right?  Piece of cake right?  Hummm, Seren did NOT agree.  We tried everything, we fed her, fed her again, changed her, walked her around, bounced her, got her toys, set her down, picked her back up, took her outside, checked her for pins, followed all the happiest baby on the block tips, gave her ibuprofen, gave her to Tiffani, took her from Tiffani, swaddled her up and put her to bed.  Now I'm not saying she cried the whole time, I'm just sayin…

21 Questions to Ask Your Kid

This Week

This week has been pretty good.   I have got a lot done & managed to get the kids out of the house a few times to play.
We have even decided to give in to Ava's strong social desire and enroll her in preschool, albeit only 3 hours  a week, she is still super excited!
I have been on a tear to get this house organized!  Every last cupboard, drawer and closet better watch out!  I'm coming for you!!!!  My mission is to reduce our "stuff" by at least 15%, I can almost  taste the victory now!
I really haven't been taking any pictures this week outside of crappy cell phone ones but I will leave you with this, because what is a post without photos? Oh and by the way, Norah can say: Dada, Kitty, Sit Down, This & several other sounds that I think are words. She has even said "Ava" twice now.  
But...Mama?  Not so much  (ok maybe once forever ago)
MAMA!!!!  How frickin hard is that???
Who takes care of you child??

Funny Things

We've just been laying low over here,
not a lot going on.  Everyone is a little
sick but pretty much better now.
I figured I would take this opportunity
to write down a few funny things Ava
has said lately.

Ava "I REALLY like being naughty!"
Me: Why Ava?
Ava "Because it's SO FUN!! I can do what ever I want! And then you yell at me, well that's the part I don't really like, you yelling at me."
 Ava told me she is never going to talk to me.
"Ever again??" I asked
No, pretty soon I will talk to you. : )
Ava recently got in trouble for setting her bubble container on the couch, I was explaining to her that furniture is expensive and we need to take care of it, etc. She says "Mom I'm so so sorry!!! Really Mom, I'm so sorry!" I have my back turned to her and I say "That's ok Ava, I forgive you, I'm not mad anymore." She says "Your not mad anymore??" No. "Mom I was smiling whil…

Come live vicariously through us, last chance.

So this is it, the last installment of our amazing trip to Puerto Vallarta.  On Wednesday Dad, Angi & I took a bus into town for a local Art Walk.  It was really fun, we  got both a lot of walking and a lot of art in.  : ) It felt a little brave as we scoured through the narrow streets on what felt much like a  scavenger hunt, looking for the next art gallery on our map, in the dark.  The next day Dad & Jessica went on a 3 hour  zip line tour which I really should of gone on too. They had a wonderful adventure and I am so glad they got the opportunity to do it, together.  Next time I must try it too, what a cool thing to do!  : ) In the mean time, John & I took the kids on the bus back into town for our own little adventure. It was a nice little family outing walking the water front and checking out the parasailers and all the cool statues along the beach.

We stopped at a few little restaurants along the way to soak in the experience.  Sadly our little all inclusive bracelets failed to work…