Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning John and I decided to take Ava to Abby's basketball game,
we had so much fun last weekend, why not do it again?

Here are a few shots of us outside waiting for my mom, she decided to join us.

You would think the action of a basketball game would keep a two year old enthralled.

We think it is really exciting.

Ava's excitement comes from other things,
like crawling up and down the different levels of bleachers.

...making funny faces at Grandma,

...scratching daddy's back,

...pretending to sleep down below our feet,

...playing peek-a-boo,

...and trying on hats.

These are my cousins Abby & Bethany,
aren't they cute?

Next we headed outside to the schools playground,
where Ava will undoubtedly find "friends" to play with.

This little girl hugged her right off the bat.

She tried catching her as she came down the slide.

I think this was Ava's first tire swing experience.
She liked it as long as you don't spin her too fast.

She really liked it when Abby came to swing with her.

We couldn't stay long because we had to run home and clean the house but it was a really nice start to our Saturday.


My Life As Mom said...

Awwww, looks like she had a blast!