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See Ya!

Ava can feed her.
She can make her laugh.
She can even bathe her.
I'm out of here.

My work here is done.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program...

I will admit when you have a baby this cute it
is difficult to not take pictures of her every
second of the day.
She sits and talks to me...
I make her laugh.
And then her sister comes over.
Notice Norah's skepticism.
Are you sure this is a good idea mom??
"Get her away from me mom!!"
Can't say I blame her...
She may have a point.

Happy Easter, for real this time : )

This is Ava's Easter basket.
I'm pretty proud of it this year.
I didn't go too crazy but it was filled with a little candy,
some fruit snacks, colored fish crackers, and garden tools.
She also got garden gloves, a watering can and
of course a bunny. Because seriously we need
more stuffed animals in this house.
Ok, not seriously, more like extreme sarcasm.
After she perused all her new goodies I figured
I better take a picture of the girls before they got
covered in chocolate and spit up.
Ava likes my little photo shoots,
she was excited for me to hand her Norah.
Yay! I got her!!
This is my favorite, she loves her little sister!
All day long Norah got compliments on her eyes,
this outfit must be her color.
Love Grandma
The almost parents
Good thing he's got the one armed baby holding
down already : )
Hunting for more eggs
Happy kids
I asked them to hold up their baskets and show me
the goods. Love how Colton covers his face : )
We had a lovely Easter, we opted to take the easy
road and went…

Happy Almost Easter!

Happy almost Easter!
We spent today at The Springs hunting Easter eggs.
They had all kinds of kid friendly events going on,
Ava started with bubbles!
Ava got to decorate an Easter basket,
here she is showing it off to Norah.
There was a coloring station.
She also got to decorate a cookie,
there were millions of sprinkles to choose from.
The girl was in heaven.
What could make the day better??
The Easter Bunny!!
Norah was pretty happy about the whole scene too.
They had an Easter egg hunt.
Note to parents: If your child is on an Easter egg
hunt the basket they provide for you is plenty. You
don't have to bring additional baskets for your greedy
little child to fill. There are other kids trying to find
eggs. This might be a good opportunity to teach them
to share and not hog all the eggs, just sayin'...
My beautiful mother
The Bunny
More Bunny action
Happy Norah
Ava brought Grandpa the cookie she made : )
Sisters : )
Dad & Angi stopped by for a visit.


Tonight was the first time I put Norah in the bath
with Ava, she usually just gets the baby tub in the sink.
Ava was thrilled!
She soaped her up and taught her to float & kick,
just like in swimming class.
Norah loved every second of it!
I love my girls : )

Photo shoot, not really working.

My last little photo shoot went so well that I thought
I might as well try it again.

Notice Norah's skepticism.
She really couldn't let go of that look on her face,
"this is never going to work mom."
So in typical fashion we get Ava, over the top smiling
and Norah ultra serious.
Oh well what can you do?
If my little subjects weren't enough trouble
on their own, the camera battery kept dying.
I would run off, charge it for 45 seconds THEN they
would do something cute. I would race back with
the camera in hand and they would stop.
I sometimes wonder what she is thinking...
...watching her crazy mom run back & forth trying
desperately to make her smile.

I think she is smiling, or at least laughing AT ME,
on the inside...