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Happy New Year!!

What an amazing year!! Not only did we gain an new addition, but our happy family became complete. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams!

Oh and SNOW makes us happy too! Happy New Year to you & yours!!
Love to all.


My mom recently gave me these photos of myself as a baby.   I can't get over how much they look like little Norah!

 What do you think?

Birthday Fun

Here we have it, little chick turned 4. It was a fun day packed full of all the  things Ava loves, family, friends,  playing, eating sweets, the day couldn't  of been more perfect.

Bitter Sweet

We just rolled over midnight so,
Today is Ava’s birthday.
I couldn’t be more thankful that I have Ava.
She is my heart.
She fills my days with laughter She challenges me on a daily basis. She surprises me constantly.

Ava has the best heart and 9 times out of 10 the very best intentions.

 She loves, she loves HUGE. I adore watching her with all the wonderful people in our life. She embraces them with such strong pure love.

She IS happy, she is what happiness looks like. Not every single second of course, but so much of the time.

This evening we decided to sleep Norah in her little portable crib in Ava’s room since Bob & Barbie are staying with us for a few day.

We let Norah settle in and go to sleep first. When it was time to sneak Ava in I carried her into her bed, the little crib situated right next to her head.
The look on Ava’s face when she saw our sweet little sleeping baby was over the top pure joy. She leaned real close to me and said “Mom, she is just so sweet!” …