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The amount of sick people everywhere at the moment is crazy. Sadly, we have not escaped this either.  Prayers for health!! 
She's so cute, even when she's glaring at me.


Or at least that is what I'm supposed to be doing.  I'm sort of a slacker when it comes to this whole marathon training thing.  I'm not sure that is entirely true, but compared to my running partner I feel that way.  She's crazy.
I have a much more relaxed "plan" on training, read no plan.  I try to run about 5 days a week,  One being about an 8 miler and one a long run, which now means 20 miles.  Kind of crazy!  Running seems to own my Thursdays and Saturdays right now.  I do love it, but I won't miss the crazy time commitment.  Here's my 18 miler I did a few weeks ago.  That went pretty well. Last weekend we did 20 out on the path that we will run the marathon in April.  It is so beautiful out there!!  I hope we get this great of running weather when that day rolls around! It was really great to run it with friends!  This is Michael and Mariah, both very awesome inspiring people.  Our run couldn't of gone any better, it was great!  Kind of make…

Random Phone Shots : )

Yes, none of these go together, I'm just happy to be posting them, so there is that... Our wonderful neighbors took us out to Peitro's Pizza for a fun night of celebrating the girl's birthdays.  They were embracing that idea of spending time rather than gifts, I am so happy because this is the kind of thing we will all always remember.  We all had a great time!  They are the best neighbors ever.  Here are the Valentines themed cookies the girls and I made for Church.  These girls have style. So cute, all in red. Starbucks date with the bestie. Sassy, in this picture and in life. Our ballet teacher had a sub last week, but she didn't show up.  Ava happily said she would teach the class. I went on a nice family hike the other day, it was so fun!  Love hiking trails that are stroller friendly.  We did 4 miles which I'm sure would of been a bit much for our little shorty.  Love Linda Love her. Where did all the teeth/time go??? First swim lesson!!  She loves it so muc…

Jessica's Baby Shower

On Sunday we threw a little baby shower for Jessica, she is having her 3rd little boy in March, if he doesn't come sooner.   How cool is this cake?  Jessica's sister Amy ordered this, it turned out perfect!  Our theme was woodland creatures.  All the food was so pretty!  This veggie tray had all kinds of animals carved into it.  So cute!  Acorns  Hedgehogs   Nests  I made this diabetic raspberry cheesecake.  
 Buffalo feta-stuffed meatballs

 This thing was not only super cute, but delicious too.  A mixture of fruit, nuts and cream cheese.  Adorable.

 Thumb print tree.

 Fancy fruit skewers