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Jessica's Party

I was so glad I took the night off work, not only
did we get to go to the fair but then I was able to
attend Jessica's birthday celebration Monday evening too!

She is a big fan of karaoke, and that is exactly
what we found her doing when we walked in the bar.
The Group Shot:
Vashi & Jessica singing together, they were wonderful!
The birthday girl & the amazing cake Vashi & her
husband made, TOGETHER!
How cute is that?
The night was perfect.
It was a fun little group filled with some of my very
favorite people. We laughed together, listened to some
great singers sing and some truly awful singers attempt
to sing. That was really the funniest part. I laughed so
hard I cried, this one couple in particular was so messed up.
We were convinced they were on acid or something.
When they would sing (which sounded awful anyway) they
made up all their own words, they fell all over the place and
when the music stopped they would just keep on singing.

It was really nice seeing my sister so happy sur…

More Monday Awesomeness

For phase two of our busy Monday we began
our Jessica's Birthday Extravaganza with
a visit to The Oregon State Fair.

First stop, pony rides!
Here is Ava riding Rock Star.
She was thrilled with her first pony riding experience.
Here is my two favorites watching an annoying
but funny-to-Ava clown show.
The things we endure for that child...

Petting Zoo!!

They even had kangaroos!
I was glad I didn't buy any food for Ava to
feed the animals, turns out they totally tackle
you to get this food from you. That wouldn't of
gone over well even though she seemed to find
this scenario hysterical when happening to other kids.
Go figure.

They had this really cool little play area that
was a perfect break from the heat and craziness of
the fair. Ava always loves catching up with the
little people of her size.
Ice Cream!!
The beautiful birthday girl and our beautiful momma:
Ava trying to attack Uncle Jeff with a hammer.
Me, Ava & Jessica
I was shocked and so proud that Jessica decided
she wanted to go on The…

Busy Awesome Monday, Take One!

We started our busy Monday off with swim lessons.
I coerced John into going in the pool with Ava.
She was soooo excited!
Jumping up and down!
Here they are all lined up for their sit dives.
Here is teacher Tiffany ready to take Ava under water.
Look no Ava! Where is she?
There she is! Drowned rat style.
Swimming with floats
Life jacket safety practice
All the kids in a boat, two no so happy about it...
Ready for the slide.
I made sure John knew the drill, accidentally don't
catch Ava until she has gone under water.
John singing in the circle of moms, why does this give
me some sort of sick satisfaction? Pretty sure I promised
him they wouldn't do too much singing that day.
I think he liked it though.
I know I loved seeing him in there helping Ava swim.
They are so cute together,
plus it freed me up for taking pictures.
You know me, I am all about the photo op!

Our Little Super Hero

Lately Ava has been doing this thing,
it is sort of hard to describe.

I think she may actually be a super hero.
She gets this look on her face.
It is sort of scary in a funny sort of way.

What ever the look is, you can definitely
tell she is off to fight crime.

She crouches down real low and gets ready,
set...and go!

She is off, swinging her arms wildly to the side as she
comes after you or the bad guy,
what ever the case may be.

She is really too busy laughing to give you a great
example, but I will work on her.

I have powers too.